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  We are proud to have a retailer in China(www.xidibuy.com ) for our high quality products made in Devon England.


  All products are handcrafted individually to a high quality in our own workshops. A hand signed card by the seamstress who made the product is enclosed.



  We are using 100% cotton casing and carefully source certified Platinum wool which guarantees it is 100% British and using an A grade wool, cleaned in British mills to our unique specification, without using bleaches or chemicals. so the natural fibres keeps it’ s full properties as wool resist   dust mite and naturally regulates the body heat.

  Each item is made up individually and this creates a duvet that drapes as a duvet should and a mattress topper that gives ultimate comfort.

  从现在起,Devon Duvets 和 Little Lana的产品可以在中国喜地-海外原产纯品购物商城(www.xidibuy.com)上直接购买。

  The products from Devon Duvets and Little Lana can be purchased at Worldwide Origins.


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