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DEVON DUVETS - Devon Duvets creates it's luxurious woollen duvets, mattress toppers and pillows using only Platinum grade British wool and soft sumptuous cottons; all handcrafted in Devon by their skilled seamstresses.

The wool used in their products is of the highest grade available 'PLATINUM' and is sourced by Devon Duvets from British Farms.  None of their wool is bleached or chemically treated and they believe, therefore that the wool retains many of its' unique natural properties.  These natural properties held each individual to achieve a more even sleeping temperature and the natural resistance of wool to dust mite can alleviate symptoms of some allergies and asthma; all supporting a deeper and more peaceful sleeping experience.

Not only is British wool both a sustainable and responsible choice, it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic wicking away moisture and creating a hygienic sleeping environment.

Devon Duvets believe that the best way to feel good is a good night's sleep and are confident that their British handcrafted woollen products will help to achieve the best night's sleep you ever had.

For further information please call 01803 712977 or email pauline.beijen@devonduvets.com - or visit www.devonduvets.com

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