King Silk Duvet 400 gsm Medium Weight 7 - 10 Tog
King Silk Duvet 400 gsm Medium Weight 7 - 10 Tog
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King Silk Duvet 400 gsm Medium Weight 7 - 10 Tog

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100% Mulberry Silk Filled King Duvet - Medium Weight 400gsm (225 x 220cm)

Wrap yourself in luxury with silk, long considered to be the most sumptuous natural fabric. The silk making process was developed thousands of years ago in China - and until a few hundred years ago silk was the preserve of royalty before merchants risked their lives bringing it to Europe, along the famous silk route. Now, its soft drape and gorgeously tactile feel has been perfected in our range of 100% Mulberry silk duvets. SIlk is naturally temperature regulating, but is also excellent at insulating, making our medium weight silk duvets perfect for the cooler months.

  • We use a sustainable type of Mulberry silk for the filling in our silk duvets. When silk is woven into rolls of fabric for high quality garments, it has to be cut to standard widths. Rather than wasting the remaining silk fibres, they are teased out and then needled to create a beautifully soft filling for our duvets.
  • Each silk duvet contains 400 grams of silk fibre per square metre, creating a soft but luxurious filling.
  • We only use 100% natural 260 thread count cotton for the outer casing of our silk duvets.
  • Each silk duvet is individually handcrafted by our seamstresses in our Devon workshops.
  • All our silk duvets come with a Devon Duvets 5 Year Guarantee (see T&Cs).
Features Benefits
100% natural product, therefore breathable and temperature regulating. Cool in Summer, warm in Winter, helping you to achieve a more restful sleep. Also helps combat 'night sweats'.
Mulberry silk fibres are expertly stitched into casing to avoid damaging silk fibres and to avoid 'clumping'. Superb, luxuriously light drape with no shaking required.
No bleach or chemicals are used when silk is repurposed, no glues, artifical fibres or bonding agents used. Nothing except what nature intended next to your skin and product is also eco-friendly.
Resists dust mites. Hygienic and helps to alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma.
Handcrafted product, made by expert seamstresses in Devon Quality product that stands the test of time and therefore offers long term value.
Responsible and sustainable. Silk is sourced from specially repurposed silk fibres of 100% Mulberry silk left over from making top quality silk fabric. Cotton casing is made from thread under the Better Cotton Initiative*. 100% natural products that are environmentally-friendly and won't end up in landfill when it's time to change your duvet.

* The Better Cotton Initiative promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming practices.

Easy care: Machine washable at 30ºC, using detergent suitable for silk. Hang up to dry. Do not tumble dry.

This duvet will fit into a standard UK sized duvet cover. Purchase your silk duvet from us and get 50% OFF a 450 thread count Pima cotton duvet cover at the checkout!

UKBeautifully British
EthicalEthically sourced and sustainable
Hand stitchThe handcrafted gift of nature