Woman snuggled under luxurious thick wool duvet

It’s a choice we all need to make, do we invest in a really thick duvet for those occasional cold nights, or do we purchase a duvet that will comfortably keep us warm during most seasons?
Our wool duvets offer many possibilities and you can choose to suit your own unique requirements.  In view of the temperature regulating properties of natural wool, our medium weight (600gsm) wool duvet offers flexibility to ensure you are comfortable during the variable nights of our changeable British climate. 


Yet our extra warm winter weight duvet (900gsm) surpasses that and being a very thick duvet, has a snuggle factor that goes beyond being comfortable, some may find it too warm, but those of us who are chilly beings will find it blissful!



So do you need a thick duvet?  It’s a very personal thing for each of us.  Are you a chilly person who on a very cold night, feels the need to snuggle into a very thick winter duvet, or are you content with being comfortably warm under a medium weight winter duvet; after all,  it is perfectly adequate for most people, for most months in the year?
Personally though, I opt for the thick duvet. I am that person who loves to snuggle into as much wool as I possibly can. So I say yes to the joy of that extra sumptuousness which offers a whole new sleep sensation. 
For me, putting my thick duvet on the bed for those extra cold nights is almost a ritual, as it prepares me for the chilliness that our spectacular British winters can bring.  And that is another reason why my extra thick duvet can give me joy!