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Platinum Wool Mark

Not only is our wool all British, cleaned and processed in England without the use of bleach or chemical treatments, we use only the best British Platinum Grade Wool and each batch of wool is checked and certified as such by the British Wool Marketing Board.  

Why use Platinum Grade Wool?

Whilst the normal Shepherds Crook Mark allocated by the British Wool Marketing Board guarantees that at least 50% of the wool used is British and at least 75% of the materials used are natural, the Platinum Wool Mark guarantees that only 100% British Wool is used in our woollen products.  There is no wool used from abroad, no scrap wool and no artificial fibres, glues or bonding agents.

You can be assured that ONLY Platinum Grade British Wool is used in ALL of our wool duvets, wool pillows and wool mattress toppers and this is GUARANTEED, not only by us but also by the British Wool Marketing Board.


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