So happy with purchase

Being a couple of a certain age, one of us is always too hot and the other moans about the duvet being too short (we moved to separate duvets some time ago to accommodate the different night temperatures!). Standard single duvets are not designed to cover the toes of 6' people unless they curl up. On holiday on the continent, we found a bed equipped with two duvets, each 150x220cm in size - what luxury. No cold toes and generous width to snuggle up under. The next challenge was finding a duvet in the UK of that size and I was thrilled to find you stocked it. I've not had a wool duvet before but have been very impressive with the manufacturing quality - it doesn't smell and it drapes beautifully. Any future duvets will be wool duvets!


Superior Quality and so comfortable

Well worth the wait' We ordered a collection of bedding prior to Christmas and waited patiently until our new bed arrived. It was well worth the wait, feels we are sleeping on a cloud with the mattress topper, the quilts, pillows and bedding. They are of superior quality and so comfortable, I just don't want to get out of bed. Also, the service we received was excellent. Thank you so much. We will certainly recommend you'


Great company... fabulous products

I love my duvet, thought I might have needed the heavier one but no this has been cosy throughout the autumn and winter...


Great company... fabulous products

I love my wool topper... it has stayed lovely and plump and retains warmth which is comforting when you have fibromyalgia and arthritis...


Mattress topper

I bought this topper as my friend recommended it. I'm absolutely delighted with it. My bed is so cosy I love it and highly recommend. Only down side is I didn't receive any lavender ???? but never mind best topper ever ***** Really pleased you are happy with your mattress topper but sorry we didn't include the lavender sachet this time, we must have missed putting it in when packing! If you'd like to send an email to with your details, we will send some lavender to you. Pauline Beijen


Delighted-Better nights sleep-British made

Hi, Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the duvet I purchased & received this week. I do not know why I did not try a wool duvet before,it is like sleeping in a cloud! Thank you so much for giving me a better nights sleep. I will certainly recommend your product everywhere & it is great to be able to support a British company. Many thanks once again. Yours sincerely Beverley Owen. P.S. The speed of delivery is amazing!.


Menopausal- changed my life. works fantastically and no more throwing the duvet off.

I am suffering with either being too hot or too cold as I am 53 and menopausal - both my husband and I now sleep fantastically well and I am going around promoting your duvets as the answer to hot sweats - it took some getting used to the light weight but it is so warm when needed and colder when I need it - the temperature swings are no fun and yet, I no longer have to throw off the duvet and am not waking up nearly as much - yes, it was an expensive change but it has worked fantastically and I think you are missing a trick not promoting this to help with temperature regulation when in menopause - they have literally change my life.


Comfortable product with fast service.

Have an adjustable bed with a slightly too-firm mattress. Looked online for something natural that could be made in a bespoke size, and was interested by the company ethos. Their quote for a special size single was not much more than the cost of a standard size, and amazingly they could get it delivered in 4 days! Arrived as promised, proving a very comfortable addition to my bed after only a few nights use. Smells a bit ‘woolly’, hoping this will fade with time....



I ordered a mattress topper as we had a new mattress which unfortunately was a little firmer than we had anticipated and the topper has made all the difference. It makes the bed feel so luxurious and super comfortable and is worth every penny. We previously had a feather one which did not help at all as it just went flat. I love the fact it's natural and the company are really lovely to deal with. If you are hesitating - don't!!


Fantastic product and fantastic service!

They are super warm and super comfortable; got rid of all my old cheaper ones and replaced them with these- I have 3 myself and am now buying them for family.


A Very Big Thank You

My best ever buy. I first had the duvet and was so pleased that, within weeks , along came the under blanket ! Now, more than 3years later they remain my best ever buy. And continue to behave as brand new. Quality and performance, absolutely “ the tops “ Thank you so much.



I've just bought this bamboo duvet and I can say it's great quality, feels luxurious and very soft, it's the right warmth for me as I find other duvets overheating. I use it now in the winter and it's very warm and cost, perfect. It has quite a weight to it which I love, without being too heavy, just right. Top quality duvet and customer service, thank you very much.

Lorena Lewis

High quality, warm, cosy, value for money

I'm absolutely delighted with my new wool topper, it's very high quality and just gorgeous to sleep on. I'll be buying a duvet in the near future. Would highly recommend.

Jill Betteridge

Amazing duvet, lightweight and warm.

I am delighted with the service, International Delivery only took only 4 days to get to Alicante Region, the Duvet is amazing lightweight and warm. I am usually too hot while hubby is huddled in and we had a great nights sleep with both of us quite happy. Cannot recommend enough, this is a superb Duvet. The Duvet cover is just stunning in its simplicity. Super smooth and love the little pockets to help you put on. Lavender is a lovely touch Will be back for more Thank you Lynne


No Comparison

I ordered a mattress topper from you & at same time ordered a cheaper topper from other company. When they both arrived I immediately sent the cheaper one back. There is no comparison between them. Yours was thicker & of a much higher quality. I've used this all through the hot summer & slept perfectly. Now the nights are colder I've also not put the electric blanket on the bed as there's no need. Delighted with the product, service & the fact it's made from British wool. Highly recommend & now looking at your pillows

Maggie N


Had mine 2 years now. Still as good as new AND as comfy!


Slept so well

I can't believe the difference this mattress topper has made to my sleep - never slept better


Soft luxury pillow cases which wash really well too.

I have bought the pillows so then thought to also try the pima cotton pillow case. i am delighted with how soft the cotton is and even with washing it is still so very soft. Thank you and for your amazing service.

P Johnson

Convert from down to wool- the filling stays in place, a nice high quality product.

Well what can i say, i already have the mattress topper, i am a total convert from down to wool. I am so pleased with my duvet and the fact the wool filling stays in place making it much easier for me to make my bed! Delighted with everything received. Thank you very much.

P Johnson

Extra softness on my bed now is wonderful.

I am a total convert from down to wool. The comfort and extra softness the mattress topper gives is wonderful and covers the bed well. I am very pleased with my purchase and went on to buy the duvets, pillows and bedlinen too. Delighted with everything received. Thank you very much.

P Johnson

like "sleeping on a cloud". Very impressed.

Ordered this at 2.55pm one afternoon and it was on my son's bed by 9am the next day! It makes a hard IKEA kids mattress much more comfortable - apparently, it's like "sleeping on a cloud". Very impressed. Written on 18/11/2015

Berkshire Mum

Great temperature regulation, we are both happy.

Hi, Just wanted to share how wonderful my wool duvet is. I had carefully researched them before buying (from my local bed store in Yeovil, super service there as well) as thought they were expensive if they didn't work! The man in the shop had one, he thought it was great, I read all the online reviews & the only negative review I could read was that they smell of sheep initially (they don't, slightly disappointing as coming from the Lakes, I love the smell of sheep!) My husband is always too hot, so we were still under our thin synthetic duvet, whilst I was freezing! The temperature regulation is great, we are both happy, result! It feels lovely as well. We bought the autumn/spring duvet. Thanks for a great product Susan Written on 02/02/2015


Totally Delighted with it

I purchased a mattress topper from you last week, as well as both your autumn and summer weight duvets from John Lewis. We are both totally delighted with the effect on our comfort and sleep. Thank you! My husband had taken a little persuasion to try a wool duvet, but happily he is as delighted as I am. Many thanks. Pat - Written on 03/07/2013


We are both totally delighted

I purchased a mattress topper from you last week, as well as both your autumn and summer weight duvets from John Lewis. We are both totally delighted with the effect on our comfort and sleep. Thank you! My husband had taken a little persuasion to try a wool duvet, but happily he is as delighted as I am. Many thanks. Pat - Written on 03/07/2013


Absolutely love it, so comfortable!

Ordered one to see what i thought. Absolutely love it - a brilliant idea and so comfortable. Written on 19/06/2018

Karin Bennett

We're so snug and restful, regulates temperature as promised. Could not be more happy.

Myself and partner were quite hesitant to buy this as its pricey but I have to say we are so pleased we did. Our last duvet was polyester and the difference to us is like night and day. We are so snug and restful when under this duvet and I'm sure my under-eye bags have reduced! It definitely regulates temperature as promised and Its good to know we are sleeping in natures answer to bedding. Could not be more happy, thanks! we will be back for pillows! xx Written on 21/05/2018

Molly M

Top Investment! Sleeping has improved dramatically, gives me softness and comfort. Remarkable customer assistance.

Just received and used, my sleeping has improved dramatically in two days. The perfect complement for my natural latex mattress, giving the softness and comfort I missed. Excellent personalized manufacture, one side in fresh cotton for summer nights, and quick delivery. Remarkable customer assistance (thanks Paula!). Top investment! Written on 05/05/2018


So comfortable to sleep under, and supports out British wool industry. So pleased with it.

Bought one of these beautiful duvets last year. So comfortable to sleep under. Another reason to purchase is to support our British wool industry. They are well made and you even know who stitched it. So pleased with my double duvet that I am purchasing another for my son. This time a single size. The day of the feather duvet is over for me and my family. Well done Devon Duvets Written on 12/04/2018


So beautiful, so soft and looks very classy. I'm delighted with it.

Ordered this duvet cover along with a mattress topper. It is so beautiful, so soft and has a wonderful sheen to it. Looks very classy and I’m delighted with it. Got it half price when ordering the mattress topper so was a good price. Wish I’d have ordered 2 ! Would definitely order another one if they have a discount. Written on 19/03/2018

Angie P

Altogether perfect, light but snuggly.

I bought a summer duvet a couple of months ago and it is fantastic. It is so light, snuggly and for winter use I have just put a mohair throw on top and am perfectly warm in an unheated bedroom. I have always found duvets too hot at times so chose to sleep under wool blankets. This is much better as it has a wonderful drape and not at all restrictive and altogether perfect. Written on 09/02/2018


Ethical and luxurious, warm but light. Will never buy another type of duvet again.

We have had our duvet for a few years now and we would never go back to feather! First and foremost I wanted a duvet that was ethical and was also luxurious. All the man made fibre filled ones just didn’t cut it. I will never buy another type of duvet again. They are so warm but light and keep there shape so beautifully (unlike down and feather). I couldn’t recommend these duvets enough! Written on 26/01/2018

Sara Foster

Perfect size for our 2 year old, quality is excellent.

I purchased this pillow with the duvet as a set in November. We thoroughly recommend it. The pillow is a perfect size for our two year old and the quality is excellent. The little Lana present was a treat too! Written on 22/01/2018


Aches and pains have disappeared, sleep is much improved. Thank you so much

WOW WOW WOW....... I was suffering with autumnal aches and pains and struggling to sleep when I ordered this mattress topper. Efficient delivery and I have been sleeping on it 2 weeks now. Sleep is now much improved , aches and pains have disappeared and the bed is quickly cozy when you first get in. Thank you for changing my life - am now recommending this product to friends and family... Thank you so much Written on 20/12/2017


Temperature always comfortable, dramatically improved comfort. Quality is exceptional.

We received a wool topper & and summer duvet in May. I couldn't quite understand how wool regulates body temperature, but it was comfortable throughout our brief summer (in Cornwall) and now during a real cold spell in mid-December, the same duvet is extremely comfortable and not too cold. Prior to this, we've always had to use 3.5 tog summer and 10.5 tog in Winter but the summer wool duvet from Devon Duvets is super comfortable year round. We use a foam mattress with a waterproof cover due to allergies, however this cuases a build up of heat in the night and uncomfortable perspiration. The wool matress topper has dramatically improved comfort, in a similar way to the duvet, the temperature is always comfortable and never too hot or cold. Whilst not being the cheapest duvets you can buy, the quality is exceptional and whilst I dont often leave reviews, couldnt recommend them highly enough. Written on 11/12/2017


Well made and will last many years. Excellent.

Excellent. I sleep on the floor and it provides exactly the amount of padding I require. Well made and will last many years. I will be buying a duvet soon. Written on 06/12/17

Peter Austin

Ethical and local duvet, we slept so well too. So happy with this.

I was looking for an ethical and local new duvet for my boyfriend and I (no feather or merinos wool) and I found the devon duvets. My bf is 2 meter tall so I choose the king size and it was the first time in his life he have been able to putt his feet under the duvet. The first night we slept so well we did not hear the morning alarm and arrived late to work. I am so happy I got this, everything is great about this duvet. Besides I think the price is really good compare to any feather or merinos wool that are mostly made in china. I will recommend it to everybody. :-) Thanks a lot! Juliette Written on 29/11/2017


Helping with my arthritis pain and no chemicals. Thank you

I received my mattress topper on Saturday at exactly at the time you quoted, excellent super fast delivery, and a wonderful product, already I feel it is helping with my arthritis pain, I don’t know whether that’s all in my mind but in the last few nights sleeping on it I don’t seem to be in as much pain, I saw your firm on the Internet when I had been searching for a natural mattress topper, I needed it quickly and saw you offered next day delivery, and I read how you run your business, also I liked the fact no chemicals had been used in the wool filling, and the wool is British which is making good use of natural wool. Thank you for your attention on the phone, when I added the mattress protector, with the discount for ordering a wool product, both items are lovely quality and the lavender bag is very welcome. Written on 20/11/2017


Great choice for sons allergies, washes very well. Excellent pillow.

Excellent pillow. Washes very well. Perfect size for a child. My son has had it since he was 4. Sleeps brilliantly on it. He has many allergies so this is a great choice! Folds out so dries well and quickly. Not one bad thing I can say about it! Would buy again and highly recommend! Written on 15/11/2017


So lovely and really comfortable, buying another one.

I am just in the process of buying another one of these wool toppers for my bed (the other one is on the kids bed). They are just so lovely to get into and really comfortable. I also love the smell of the wool although I guess this wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but having sheep ourselves it smells like home! Written on 17/10/2017

C Fathy

Love the feel of it as it supports the head and neck.

I bought one of these 4-fold pillows as a birthday present for my husband. He has only ever used two pillows together in the past but has back problems so I wanted to see if this would help. He loves the feel of it as it supports his head and neck without height. I love the clever folding out - means we have a warm 'pad' to use when in the campervan and it's chilly! It was delivered so quickly that I couldn't wait to give it to him - so he got it early and I added a duvet later for his birthday! Written on 03/10/2017

Liz RH

Have not slept so well for ages, light, warm, soft and comfortable.

So pleased with this Duvet, light, warm, soft, comfortable, just drapes it self to your shape. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a great nights sleep, have not slept so well for ages. Written on 03/10/2017


blissful nights of quality sleep with this pillow, perfect for my back and neck problems, soft and supportive and can be rolled up when need be. Best nights sleep in years.

I have now had three blissful nights of quality sleep with this wonderful 3-fold pillow. In the past I have had back and neck problems and my chiropractor said I need something which would support my neck so I bought a Royal Rest memory foam pillow. Now this was supportive and comfortable but it did make my face a little hot but most of all, I missed something "cuddly". I like to sleep with an arm under the pillow (I know not very good for the shoulder joints!). Well this lovely wool pillow is so soft but supportive and I know that if I have bad times I can make the little "roll" if need be. Best of all is how lovely and snuggly it is without being suffocating. I now have the full house of Devon Duvet; a duvet, mattress topper and pillow ...Really the best night's sleep I've had in years, I look forward to bedtime every night! Written on 26/09/2017


I am sleeping through the nights, we love it! Beautifully packaged. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Just wanted to get in touch to say how pleased we are with our new duvet. Having slept under a silk duvet for 13 years and needing to replace the one we were currently using I heard about wool duvets, and after research on the internet decided to purchase one of your king sized spring/autumn classic duvets. It arrived beautifully packaged at the time we were informed it would. A card informed us it had been hand stitched by a lady called Marion and looked a fantastic piece of work. We loved the little lavender bag which was included. We have now used the duvet for over a week and we love it! Not usually a good sleeper I am sleeping through most nights and love to snuggle down under the duvet. I am recommending your duvets to friends and family. Thank you for your wonderful product. Written on 26/08/2017


It's utter bliss!!!

I've been late for work every day since using the topper, it's utter bliss!!! Written on 07/08/2017


Comfortable, doesn't overheat but is so cosy.

Just to say how happy I am with the spring/autumn duvet I ordered from John Lewis. It is so comfortable, not too heavy and perfect weight, don't overheat but so cosy. Wish I had bought one long ago. Thanks Written on 30/05/2017


Constant steady temperature, ethically and organically produced. Excellent quality, Thank you!

Until Monday I didn't know that wool-filled duvets existed. Bought one from John Lewis on Tuesday, slept like a baby on Wednesday. The duvet is so comfortable and keeps the heat at a constant, steady temperature throughout the night (with a feather-filled duvet I usually wake up feeling either too cold or too hot). I also notice that as soon as I get into bed the duvet starts to warm up almost immediately. It's great to purchase something that is ethically and organically produced and British. The duvet is excellent quality and beautifully made. Including a handmade lavender bag and a note showing the name of the seamstress is such a nice touch. Thank you Ann for my fantastic duvet! Written on 11/05/2017


Bliss, delighted with my purchase. Thank you for a wonderful nights sleep!

I felt I just had to write to you to tell you how delighted I am with my purchase of my second Devon duvet. I bought a winter weight Devon duvet a few months ago but with the warmer(ish!) weather I put our goose down summer duvet on the bed. We lasted three days in discomfort, too warm or too cold, and I just had to order a summer weight Devon duvet. Taking just one day to arrive I rushed to put it on the bed last night - bliss!! I am a total convert to wool and tell everyone, whether interested or not, that wool duvets are wonderful. Thank you so much for our wonderful nights sleep Written on 11/05/2017


Really happy with my summer duvet. Adjusts to your warmth, straightforward to wash, comes out looking and feeling as new.

I don't often write reviews, but I wanted to tell potential customers how really happy I am with my summer-weight Devon Duvet. Exactly as described, it seems to adjust to your own warmth, and it's very light but also cosy. It's great too to support a small family enterprise and to help the British sheep industry. I've just tried washing it - very straightforward and it's come out looking and feeling as new. (John Lewis have missed out! as I came to your website when I found your duvets out of stock on theirs.) Written on 09/05/2017


Had the best nights sleep ever. Has done the trick for our temperature. First class duvet with first class customer service and care.

I have purchased a superking 600g Duvet and its Amazing! Warm and snug but also cool and light! Sounds weird but it's true!. We are so pleased as one of us is hot in bed and one of us is cold and this has done the trick! We've had the best nights sleep ever since using our New Duvet and have definitely recommended to friends and family. The First class Duvet comes with first class customer service and care which really goes a long way. Written on 19/04/2017

Ashley Corbett

Fabulous! Really do keep the temperature just right. no more aches and pains since changing my bedding.

I recently bought a pillow, a lightweight duvet and a mattress topper from you. I wanted to say that they are fabulous. I was slightly sceptical initially, whether I would be too hot, but they really do keep the temperature just right! And the drape of the duvet is lovely. Ive had no aches and pains in the morning anymore, since changing my bedding. Written on 19/04/2017