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Each product is handcrafted individually from start to finish in our own workshops in Devon.  A thank you card, handsigned by the seamstress who made the product is enclosed.

Attention to detail is high, the fabric ties attached are handmade and even the parts you can't see i.e. edges under the bindings are overlocked to make a more durable product.

We carefully source British Platinum wool, each batch is controlled/certified by the British Wool Marketing Board and is traceable back to British farm.  

Our wool is cleaned in British mills to our unique specification, without using bleaches or chemicals.

Our wool is 'needled' (not to be confused with carding) in British mills to specifications developed by Devon Duvets.  No need for glues, artificial fibres, inner linings, loose carded wool, or a lot of  quilting.  Each item is made up individually and this creates a duvet that drapes as a duvet should and a mattress topper that gives ultimate comfort.

All boxes, inserts, labels are made locally keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible and supporting the local economy.

Lavender is asociated by many with relaxing and sleeping well, as is Devon Duvets.  In each product we enclose a lavender sachet for your linen closet, prepared by our seamstresses using English Lavender.

 More British you can’t get!







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