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12 Reasons to choose Devon Duvets

High-quality Devon Duvets handcrafted by skilled seamstresses, each product signed off individually for guaranteed excellence in sleep comfort."


We deliver top quality duvets, mattress toppers and pillows, made by our Seamstresses who take their time to carefully craft your product with high quality natural fillings and casings that do what we say they will "help you sleep better".  Each product is individually signed off by the Seamstress who has made it.  Devon Duvets, 'WHEN ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH'

Eco-friendly, chemical-free Devon Duvets bedding, 100% natural and biodegradable, ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility.


We do not use chemicals, bleaches, bonding agents, glues or synthetic linings in our products, they are 100% natural.  This means that all of our soft fillled bedding products are biodegradable and when the time comes to replace them, they will not sit in landfill for decades to come.  They will break down naturally, releasing nutrients into the environment.  You can be confident that when you buy our products, they won't pollute.

Award-winning Devon Duvets, celebrated for superior quality and innovation in bedding, featuring our Indie Best Buy 2023 lightweight British wool duvet.


We've been award winners since 2012, including awards from House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, The Independent and The Evening Standard.  Our most recent award is the 2023 Indie Best Buy 'Best Summer Duvet' for our lightweight British wool duvet - for the fifth year running.  Also in 2022, our 100% plant based Botanic filled duvet won 'ES Best Top Pick' for summer duvets, having previously won in 2019 and 2021.  We are immensely proud of these achievements and of our team who, day in and day out, make our quality products for you to enjoy.

Authentically crafted in Devon, our duvets, mattress toppers, and pillows are made with care and precision by local artisans in our Devon Workshops.


Beautifully British, all of our duvets, mattress toppers and pillows are made by us, here in our Devon Workshops, by our skilled Seamstresses.  They work to the highest standards using modern machines.  Truly made in Devon by local employees...hence our name - Devon Duvets. 


Custom-made, handcrafted bedding from Devon Duvets, tailored to meet unique customer needs with a personal touch from our in-house seamstresses.


Each duvet, mattress topper and pillow is individually handcrafted in our Workshops, in the next room to our Customer Service Team.  As we make them here, we can offer a Bespoke service, so if you need something that is different in size and to suit your needs, all the Customer Service Team need to do is walk into the next room and chat through your requirements with our Head Seamstress.  Not every company can do this, but this personal touch is important to us, especially if it helps you and your sleep.

The heart and soul of Devon Duvets, a family-run business where passion and tradition blend to create the finest quality bedding.


Dick and Pauline Beijen created Devon Duvets and continue to own and run the business.  They were joined by their children, Anna and Jake in 2021 who are learning how to continue Devon Duvets in years to come.  As well as truly being a family business, our company culture is equally family oriented where every employee is respected and valued, working as part of a team to deliver the best product for you, to help you sleep better. 

Devon Duvets' commitment to the environment, offering sustainable sleep solutions that contribute positively to the planet's well-being.


We all have our concerns about climate change and the impact of the environment and each one of us asks, 'what can we do?'.  These issues stand at the heart of everything we do, because we feel it's important to take responsibility as a business and offer sleep solutions that allow you to make responsible choices, but also help you to sleep better.  See our Managing Directors Blog regarding 'Environmental Responsibility'.

Ethically and sustainably sourced materials used in every Devon Duvets product, supporting environmental and ethical responsibility in bedding.


We maintain our commitment to responsible sourcing by ensuring our suppliers are supplying natural and sustainable materials.  They must also comply with our environmental and ethical policies.  We also inform our retailers of these policies, to encourage a shared ethos and values.  We source as close to home as possible and whilst at times, this can mean higher costs for us, we see it as essential to contribute as much as possible to minimise our impact of the environment.

Our dedicated Devon Duvets team offering exceptional customer service, ready to guide you to your perfect night's sleep with expert advice.


Our knowledgeable and friendly team at Devon Duvets strive to provide the best service and advice, to guide you in your choice of product to achieve the best night's sleep.  Don't hesitate to call us, we're here to help and will always give you honest advice.

Innovative design at Devon Duvets, where customer feedback inspires unique bedding solutions like the patented folding pillow and THREE Duvets system.


Every element of our design is founded on our goal to help you sleep better, so we always listen to our customers and their needs.  This helps us to create innovative designs that offer sleep solutions that can't be found elsewhere.  For example, our patented folding pillow, is not only incredibly hygienic, but can also offer extra neck support that has helped many of our customers. By listening, we also understood that some couples wanted to make their own choice in duvet to help each of them sleep better and therefore we designed the patented THREE Duvets modular system which can be found here.

Enhanced sleep experience with Devon Duvets, where premium quality bedding transforms sleep into a luxurious nightly retreat.


We mention this a lot, but that is because, we care about your sleep.  So many of our customers have experienced much better sleep with our products that they tell us they will never switch to another.  We say a big thank you to our customers and their many kind words; and for helping us to understand their needs which helps us to help them in return!  The icing on the cake is that our products have been independently tested and judged to be the best.

Devon Duvets, a brand of integrity and trust, regularly audited to ensure ethical and technical compliance in all aspects of our bedding production.


We are regularly technically and ethically audited and are Sedex compliant, giving the reassurance that we are exactly who we say we are, and do exactly what we say we do. You can read more about this here.