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We've spent years developing our Botanic range of duvets, created from a filling and outer casing containing TENCEL™Lyocell. This is a 100% natural and ethical fibre derived from certified, fully traceable and sustainable wood sources, through a pioneering Eco award-winning process. Luxuriously soft, 100% vegan and environmentally friendly, it's the ideal choice for those looking for a plant-based option to match their lifestyle and ethos. Our Botanic range comes in a choice of weights, including Ultralight (perfect for the warmest months), Lightweight and Medium Weight.

  • Handcrafted by our expert seamstresses at our Devon workshops.
  • Botanic duvets are 100% vegan and the only product of its kind that's registered by the Vegan Society. They've also been tried and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and won an award as 'Best Summer Duvet' in the national media.
  • Botanic duvets are better than bamboo duvets because TENCEL™Lyocell is fully traceable in terms of source and DNA identification, even after the fibre processing, whereas bamboo isn't. Bamboo duvets, therefore, cannot be guaranteed as being 100% bamboo.
  • Each of our Botanic duvets are individually handcrafted in Devon by our time served seamstresses, with special care to ensure a smooth drape and silky-smooth texture next to your skin.
  • Your Botanic duvet won't clog up landfill or damage the environment when it's time to replace it, because it is made from 100%  natural materials that will biodegrade harmlessly,reverting back to nature.


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Features Benefits
100% vegan and Registered by the Vegan Society. The ideal choice for those who want a plant-based option to other alternatives, either natural or synthetic.
100% natural product that is breathable and temperature regulating. Adjusts to your body temperature, helping you get a good night's sleep. Also great for 'night sweats'.
Inner fibres are needled and outer casing woven to our exacting specifications. Naturally soft materials with a beautiful drape that hugs your body.
No glues, artificial fibres or bonding agents used. Nothing except what nature intended next to your skin and better for the environment.
Responsible and sustainable - the plant fibres used to create TENCEL™Lyocell are from certified sustainable sources. Environmentally-friendly, natural material that won't be clogging up landflll  for decades when it's time to replace your duvet.