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Sleep Wellbeing

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Enhance Your Sleep and Wellbeing

Quality sleep is essential for your body and mind. Sleep goes beyond rest - it's a time for your body to repair and rejuvenate, preparing you for the day ahead. At Devon Duvets, we prioritise your sleep quality by using only the finest natural wool, sourced exclusively from British farms, and we don't use any bleaches or chemicals on our wool. Experience the difference as better sleep and improved dreams contribute to your holistic health journey.

The benefits of using a natural wool duvet

Helping the Menopause

Wool’s temperature regulating properties are especially beneficial if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms that keep waking you up throughout the night. In this video clip, Pauline explains how sleeping under a natural wool duvet can help.

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Sleep Soundly

Better Sleep with Natural Wool

Discover the comfort and sustainability of our natural wool bedding for a truly restful night’s sleep. Handcrafted from traceable British wool, renowned for its ability to enhance sleep quality and regulate body temperature, wool ensures you enjoy a truly restful night’s sleep. With exceptional breathability and hypoallergenic properties, our wool bedding helps promote balanced sleep patterns, allowing you to dream in comfort night after night.

Taking care of mental health

Peace of Mind

Naturally Beneficial – to You and the Planet

Our wool bedding is crafted from natural wool that benefits both you and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability means that the wool we use remains completely natural, free from chemicals or bleaches. Our wool is fully sustainable, eco-friendly, and sourced entirely from British farms, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, natural wool is inherently fire retardant, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

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Breathe Easy

Supporting Your Immune System

Quality sleep plays a vital role in supporting your immune system, and natural wool can help you achieve that. Research shows that a good night's sleep can enhance your body's ability to fight infections, balance your immune system, and improve responses to allergic reactions. Our natural wool bedding promotes better sleep, supporting your immune system and contributing to your overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy diet for better sleep

Help Stay Healthy

Feeling Lethargic or Run Down?

Your overall wellbeing, including mental health, is closely linked to the quality of your sleep. When we don't feel well, it can lead to feelings of lethargy, low energy, and even depression. A good night's sleep can make a significant difference in how we feel. Our natural wool bedding helps promote restful sleep, by regulating body temperature and providing a comfortable sleeping environment that is unique to you.

Handcrafted in Devon

Individually handcrafted for you, with love and care, by our talented seamstresses in Devon.

Sleep Wellbeing

Sleep better by experiencing the benefits of wool and our other natural fibre soft bedding products.

Traceable British Wool

Our wool is fully traceable from farm to duvet, topper of pillow. We’ve worked with our chosen group of farmers for over 12 years they are committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry.