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Handcrafted in Devon

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We value the authenticity of our bedding at Devon Duvets, so while each of our products is 100% natural, it is also handcrafted individually by our local and very talented seamstresses in our Devon workshops.

The benefits of using a natural, handmade wool duvet

High quality handcrafting

We only ever use authentic traceable 100% British wool in our wool duvets, toppers and pillows and each one is handcrafted for you, with love and care, by our seamstresses in our Devon workshops. In this video clip, Dick discusses the benefits of our locally handcrafted products.

Attention to detail

Because we insist on perfection

We believe that every element of a duvet should contribute to a great night’s sleep, so we handcraft each one with extra care and attention to detail. Each one is signed off by the seamstress who made it for you, adding an extra touch of authenticity. Each duvet is made from layers of soft wool that is hand-trimmed and laid within its individually cut 100% cotton casing. Alongside our natural wool duvets, toppers and pillows, we handcraft Limited Edition 100% British alpaca wool duvets (you’ll see them listed on our site when they are available) and Botanic, our 100% plant-based duvets.


Responsibly sourced

As natural as nature intended

We are committed to using responsibly sourced, 100% natural materials. We only use authentic traceable 100% British wool from local farmers, which is then cleaned in British mills, without the use of chemicals. We believe that by not using chemicals we are retaining the natural properties of the wool. Our cotton casings are made from cotton endorsed by the Better Cotton Initiative, which promotes better socio-economic and environmental farming practices. Our toppers are covered in natural brushed cotton, produced in a mill with OKEO-TEX® certification.


A passion for the environment as well as our products

Being considerate about our environment is at the heart of everything we do. So, it’s important to us to make products that use 100% natural materials that are sustainable and won’t clog up landfills for decades when the time comes for you to replace them. We also aim to be sustainable in our everyday processes here at our workshops and have a long-held commitment to achieving a zero-waste policy.



We know one size doesn’t always fit all

Because we individually handcraft each of our products, we have the flexibility (and the talent of our seamstresses) to be able to create bespoke products, in addition to handcrafting standard UK sizes. This includes the cosiest wool mattress toppers for campervans, caravans, and boats.

Handcrafted in Devon

Individually handcrafted for you, with love and care, by our talented seamstresses in Devon.

Wool Wellbeing

Sleep better by experiencing the benefits of wool and our other natural fibre soft bedding products.

Traceable British Wool

Our wool is fully traceable from farm to duvet, topper of pillow. We’ve worked with our chosen group of farmers for over 12 years they are committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry.