Sleep in wool and banish dust mites

Dust mites and their droppings are an aggravator of the symptoms of allergies and asthma.  

If your symptoms flare up in the night, it can be difficult to sleep to regain your strength for the following day. Reduction in the exposure you have to dust mites, will help reduce the symptoms of your allergies or asthma, resulting in a deeper nights sleep; but how do you reduce your exposure to dust mites?

Natural wool repels dust mites - they don't like wool - good news for those with allergies

Dust mites do not like our natural untreated wool. To survive, dust mites absorb water from their environment – however high quality natural wool fibres that have not been bleached or chemically treated do not absorb moisture.  Our platinum grade British wool has not been bleached or chemically treated.  Very simply the fibre has not been artificially altered to an unnatural state.  These untreated natural wool fibres work together to help to repel and wick away moisture encouraging evaporation, leaving an environment that is not moist enough for dust mites to easily survive. Therefore sleeping on and under Devon Duvets' woollen products is bad news for dust mites, but good news for those with allergies and asthma.

A regular airing of your woollen product will assist in maintaining this quality of resistance to dust mite colonisation. 

Wool folding pillows to help beat the dust mites and bacteria.

Airing a wool duvet or wool mattress topper is very easy, but how easy is it to air your pillow?  With this in mind, we have reinvented the pillow and created our patent pending folding pillow system. This unique pillow is not only extremely comfortable as a pillow when folded, when unfolded it is easy to air to help maintain an environment where dust mites and bacteria cannot survive.