A much healthier pillow...

A normal brand-new pillow doubles its weight in three years, thanks to remains of dust mites that build up inside it.  Don't even think about the bacteria that might be lurking in the moisture left behind from that cold you had…

Moisture that can build up in our bedding whilst we sleep creates a wonderfully moist environment for those mites and bacteria that can leave you susceptible to rhinitis (stuffy nose), sinusitis and aggravate the symptoms of allergies or asthma.

However help is at hand with our patented Folding Pillow which is anything but a normal pillow. Created with hygiene aspects in mind, when folded, this pillow is extremely comfortable, providing the natural support your neck and spine needs – however it's secret is in the unfolding. The wool used by Devon Duvets is high grade 100% Certified British wool that has not been bleached or chemically treated leaving it's natural ability to resist moisture absorption intact – regular unfolding and airing of this pillow helps the wool fibres to continue their work of repelling and wicking away moisture where dust mite and bacteria cannot survive, leaving you with an aired pillow that is much healthier.

Check out our video to see how the folding pillow works