Let us help you choose the weight of duvet


Both a Lightweight (300gsm) and Medium Weight (600gsm) weight version is available separately.  Each duvet has ties attached to enable two duvets of the same size to be tied together providing maximum flexibility.

By fastening one of each weight together, you can make a substantial  (900gsm) weight duvet to keep you cosy in the very cold Winter months.  As natural wool works uniquely, we recommend that you try one weight before purchasing two duvets as you may very well find that one weight is suitable for you all year round and you may not need to purchase a second one.

In view of wools' ability to insulate your body, yet release excess heat, any tog comparisons are wide-ranging and unique to you depending upon your natural body temperature and your room temperature.   As an indication we can provide the following guidelines:

Weight GSM* - TOG Equivalent

Lightweight  300gsm - 4-7 tog

Medium Weight 600gsm - 8-14 tog

*grams of wool per square metre

To choose a duvet, you need to consider how warm you are as a person whilst sleeping and how warm your room is. If you are a warm person, or have heat flushes during the night, you should find that the Lightweight is the ideal weight for you all year round.  If you are a chilly person, then the Medium Weight should suit you the whole year round.

You also need to consider how warm your room is. If you sleep in a heated room, then the Lightweight would be adequate for you. However, if you sleep in an unheated room, the Medium Weight would be a sensible choice.