Folding Wool Pillow - 2 Fold (75 x 50cm)
Folding Wool Pillow - 2 Fold (75 x 50cm) Folding Wool Pillow - 2 Fold (75 x 50cm)

Folding Wool Pillow - 2 Fold (75 x 50cm)

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British Wool Pillow - Folding Natural Wool Pillow - 2 Fold 

Devon Duvets patented folding wool pillows are made using only British wool and 100% cotton.  These wool pillows are handcrafted in our own workshops by professional seamstresses.  The 100% high quality soft cotton is woven exactly to our own specifications for high quality and the 100% Certified British wool has not been bleached or chemically treated making this wool pillow not only a high quality but extremely natural, healthy and hygienic.  

There are 3 types of folding pillow available (2 Soft, 3 Medium and 4 Firm) offering different thicknesses of pillow.  This 2 Fold Pillow is suitable for smaller necks where a higher pillow can place a strain on the spine or for those who wish to sleep on their stomach.

Why a folding pillow?

We wanted to create a pillow that was easy to air out moisture and wash out bacteria that builds and invented the folding pillow for this reason.

When folded into the cotton pocket, this appears to be nothing other than a pillow, fitting into a standard sized pillowcase. However the folding pillow is MORE THAN A PILLOW, when unfolded the pillow can line a suitcase to take on holiday with you or be used as a small lap blanket.

An added benefit is that the pillow can be rolled slightly before being folded to create a neck support that has helped many people who have neck or back problems to have an improved and more peaceful nights sleep.

This neck support can also help those who snore as it gives support that alleviates pressure.

Could this be the worlds most flexible, multi-functional pillow?


*  Unique patented folding pillow, handcrafted in England using natural materials

*  Natural -100% Certified British Wool - cleaned and needled in England without the use of bleach or chemicals

*  Resists dust mites - ideal for those with allergies or asthma

*  Hygienic and easy to care for - unfold to air or machine wash (wool setting spin well and air dry)

*  2 Fold - Soft and low 

*  Size - Folded 75cm x 50cm - Fits a standard size pillowcase

*  Size - Unfolded 75cm x 96cm

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EthicalEthically sourced using sustainable farming
Hand stitchThe hand-stitched gift of nature