Little Lana - Junior Wool Pillow (60 x 40cm)
Little Lana - Junior Wool Pillow (60 x 40cm) Little Lana - Junior Wool Pillow (60 x 40cm) Little Lana - Junior Wool Pillow (60 x 40cm)

Little Lana - Junior Wool Pillow (60 x 40cm)

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When your child reaches an age where you feel a pillow is needed, it is important to ensure that the pillow chosen is natural and does not have too much height.  Our original wool filled pillow has a zip on the side to allow you to access the wool and adjust to suit your child's requirements although we do recommend that you place the pillow zip side into pillowcase so that your child cannot access all of the lovely fluffy wool to play with!  

This pillow is handcrafted by Devon Duvets in England using Certified 100% British wool.  The wool is cleaned in British mills to Devon Duvets own specificaitons to meet the high quality required for our products - we do not use bleaches or chemicals.  The cotton casing is a lovely 260 thread count cotton woven especially for Devon Duvets.

Natural wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant making it a wonderful material to suppport your child's delicate and developing breathing organs. It can also help to reduce the symptoms of asthma or allergies that are often aggravated by dust mies and their droppings.

Wool can also reduce skin allergies and wicks away moisture and heat so that the head and neck areas are kept cooler and more comfortable.

The filling of the pillow can be removed to allow the outer casing to be washed separately, refresh the wool in the sunshine or wash with care.  If you think you will need to wash the pillow regularly, we recommend that you have a look at the Little Lana 2 fold pillow that is very easy to machine wash.

SAFETY ADVICE - We strongly advise that you monitor your child's temperature and not allow your child to become overheated.  Although wool can assist in temperature regulation, parental supervision is always required for young children.  Pillows are not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

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