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  1. Why we would like to share our October newsletter with you

    Why we would like to share our October newsletter with you

    We know that not all of you who read our blogs are signed up to our newsletters, so we thought we’d share it here. Our newsletters are a mix of our latest news, behind the scenes insights, details about new products, as well as any members-only competitions.

    Autumn is definitely here! On Dartmoor, very close to where we are based - and where Devon Duvets was founded - the colours are simply glorious. The trees have turned gold and orange and the bracken (also turning orange) stands out against the, still vibrant, green grass on the tors. In the early morning, pockets of mist hover in the valleys and there is a distinct chill in the air.

    This is the time of year for changing to a warmer tog duvet, to make us feel cosy and comfortable at night, and we’ve received an unprecedented number of customers who have been busy ordering their warmer duvets. It’s also been wonderful to be able to work closely with the British Wool organisation, who represent British farmers, in order to keep a steady flow of wool coming into our workshops for turning into duvets, toppers and pillows!


    The good old days of duvet hogging - because one of you prefers to be toasty warm whilst the other likes a nice cool bed - are over! It’s goodbye to leaving your partner shivering in the cold because your ‘night sweats’ have made you throw off the duvet (and put it back on again) at regular intervals through the night. 

    With ‘Three’, the patented duvet combination from Devon Duvets, the UK’s famous manufacturer of handcrafted bedding, it really is as simple as one…two…THREE!

    Devon Duvets have come up with a way to marry up any combination of duvet sections, in terms of weight or filling. Step One is for you to choose a duvet section with your preferred filling and tog equivalent. Step Two is for your partner to choose theirs. Step Three is to join two duvets sections seamlessly together as one big duvet inside a duvet cover. Now each of

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  2. Double up on a Cosy Night’s Sleep this Winter

    Double up on a Cosy Night’s Sleep this Winter

    The cold weather has arrived, prompting us to start thinking about those winter warmers that we love so much. Tasty veggie soup, log fires burning, hot chocolate with marshmallows, woolly socks, and, of course, cuddling up in your favourite duvet at night. Now that it’s time to get out those winter duvets, you might be looking to invest in a new snuggly, warmer tog duvet for these colder months - and we have some great options available.

    Our wool duvets are made with certified 100% British wool and are individually handcrafted by our talented seamstresses here, in Devon. Each one is made with love and care, so that you’ll experience a ‘wrapped in comfort’ sleep. What’s more, wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating, and as it is resistant to dust mites, it’s also hypoallergenic – all helping you to get a more restful night.

    We’ve recently introduced our Extra Warm duvet sets – and these give you three options for year-round flexibility. Each Extra Warm set comes with a medium weight (600gm) 100% British wool duvet that can be used on its own for Autumn and Winter, and a comfortable lightweight (300gsm) 100% British wool duvet that will be ideal for those warmer months. However, if you are looking to top up the snuggle factor in Winter, both duvets come with ties, so you can double them up, to create up to 20 togs of duvet bliss! The ties will also help keep the two duvets securely together inside your duvet cover.

    Our Extra Warm sets are available in Single size through to Emperor and offer a saving compared to buying the two duvets separately. We also offer interest free finance, through SplitIt, so you can spread your payments. 

    And…one final word about comfort this winter. If you purchase one of our wool duvets or duvet sets, then you qualify for 50% off our beautiful 450 thread count whi

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  3. Good Housekeeping Voted Our Wool Mattress Topper as the Best!

    Good Housekeeping Voted Our Wool Mattress Topper as the Best!

    Mattress toppers are great for adding an extra layer of cosy comfort to your bed, providing a nice thick layer that will give you additional support and help you to achieve a better night’s sleep. Additionally, toppers help to extend the life of your mattress as they reduce the pressure on your mattress springs and lessen the amount of general wear.

    Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to prolong their life and ensure you are getting the best support for your body, but this isn’t always achievable for everyone. If you are able to flip or turn a mattress topper this presents a much easier option, as well as helping the topper to keep its shape through even settlement of the materials.

    Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials and fillings, and you’ll want to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Good Housekeeping recently revealed their 10 best mattress toppers, all of which were Tried and Tested by the highly respected Good Housekeeping Institute - and we’re proud to say that not only was one of our mattress toppers in their top ten picks, but it was awarded Best Wool Mattress Topper!

    Each one of our gorgeous wool toppers is individually handcrafted by our expert seamstresses at our Devon workshops. We only ever use certified 100% British wool, encased in 100% natural brushed cotton. They do not contain any bonding agents, glues or synthetic liners and our wool is not cleaned with any bleaches or chemicals. So, from top to toe – you’ll be sleeping on something that’s 100% natural!

    Breathable and temperature regulating, your topper will keep you nice and snug when it’s cold but will also radiate any heat away from your body during the warmer months, helping to keep you cool.  Another great plus point is that our toppers are hypoallergenic too, as wool is resistant to dust mites and the built-up of micro bacteri

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