Stay eco-friendly at Christmas

We are all increasingly aware of the importance of doing what we can to help protect our beautiful planet. So, in the spirit of building a more sustainable life, we can all do our bit to be more eco-friendly this Christmas season. With that in mind, we’ve found some great ideas to share - all of which will help give planet Earth a gift this Christmas.

Wrap your presents with recycled paper or fabric

While we all love glittery wrapping paper (although not the vacuuming after using it!), most of it isn't biodegradable or recyclable, so you can probably imagine how much is left to sit in landfill after every Christmas. Try the scrunch test to see if your paper is recyclable or not: scrunch the paper in your hands and let it go - if it stays scrunched, it's recyclable, if it unfolds, it's not. You could re-use old wrapping paper (iron it out on the reverse side if it’s looking a bit crumpled!) or use plain brown paper that you can decorate yourself and then tie up with string. You could ask the kids or grandchildren to help to add a really personal touch. Fabric can look pretty too, especially if tied with reused ribbons and you can tuck in a sprig of rosemary. 

Collect your own natural Christmas decorations

So many Christmas decorations are made of plastic, and while they glisten in the firelight and look lovely, they are often not environmentally friendly. Taking advantage of frosty winter walks is one way to go greener this Christmas and you can turn it into a treasure hunt for the kids. Keep an eye out for berries, conkers, mossy twigs, branches or pine cones that have fallen to the ground - and, of course, holly and mistletoe! Make a festive wreath or garland out of dried oranges, cinamon sticks, holly and twigs. Most garden centres will sell twine and biodegradable garden string for making your wreath. Twool is another Devon company (like us) and they make string from wool. It's available in a selection of colours and you can even buy some extra as a gift for your gardening friends.

Buy a reusable advent calendar

There is a plethora of ‘reusable’ advent calendars available so make a new tradition this year by purchasing one. If you have little ones at Christmas, it will add to the festivities and create more fun…or it perhaps could just be an extra few chocolates for you! If you’re feeling particularly creative, then have a go at making one and fill it with special treats.

Buy eco-friendly gifts this Christmas

There are more and more eco-friendly, and sustainable products are available. Treat your family and friends to eco-friendly gifts from small local businesses this festive period to help support the movement to sustainability. If you do most of your shopping online, try to buy presents that are made in the UK, and this will help cut down your carbon footprint.

Create your own natural place settings

The holiday season can be extremely hectic, and we know that it's sometimes easier to simply buy new items, whether they're recyclable or not. However, if you make your own place settings you can use them over and over again. Create your own with with winter foraged items and candles to give your table a natural organic flourish - and you can make each one different to create an individual 'space' for each person. Add dried orange rings, cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves to fill the room with Christmas scents.

Eco Christmas cards

Do you keep your Christmas cards every year? Try recycling them this year by cutting off the backs and then sticking the fronts onto card. Alternatively, create some Christmassy shapes out of old newspapers for a festive, rustic look. If art isn't your thing, consider purchasing sustainably produced greeting cards this year. They will usually be marked with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means the paper has come from managed forests. You'll find plenty of choice in shops and online.

By switching to these eco-friendly options this year, you will be helping the planet more than you realise.

Finally, Why not give the gift of sleep this Christmas?  All of our duvets are 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% eco-friendly and you can choose from fully tracable 100% British wool, 100% Britishh alpaca or from our 100% plant-based duvet range, Botanic. We also make 100% British wool pillows and toppers. Whichever you choose, our products are individually handcrafted by our brilliant seamstreses - and here in Devon, so that helps to cut down on your carbon footprint. For more information, please get in touch or call 01752 35399 and the team will be happy to help.