Devon duvets environmentally responsible handcrafted bedding

Dear Customer

At Devon Duvets, we have the Environment and the well-being of our Planet at the heart of our business, with every decision made taking into account the impact our actions and operations make on our precious resources.

We believe that businesses need to lead by example by being environmentally friendly and not just expect consumers to be so.

In 2021, Devon Duvets moved to a new building that has the highest insulation rating.  We also made the extra investment to have Air Source Heating in our workshops, to lower our operational carbon footprint.

With our zero-waste policy, we ensure that our waste is recycled.  To give you an example, the off-cuts of fabric from the process of making your duvet, mattress topper or pillow, are collected and used to make the cotton powder lining of rubber gloves.  We are constantly looking at ways in which we can make use of waste materials, with only a minimum amount of the canteen kitchen waste being collected by a waste disposal team.

We only use natural materials that are sustainable and all of the 100% natural materials we use are fully biodegradable and won’t end up being a burden to landfill.  This is key to who we are as a business.

However, being environmentally friendly is not only organising your own production site and using natural materials, it is also how you source the materials you use and ensuring that the whole supply chain conforms to our own policies in ethics, animal welfare, fair treatment and pay for employees, without child or slave labour involved, and are committed to a small carbon footprint.

We source all of our products and services as close to home as possible.  All of our traceable British Wool is sourced from British Farms, with 80% from Devon and the services we also use from Devon, i.e. web-development work, printing, label and box producers etc.. 

Yet, the cotton we use can never be grown in Britain, we just don’t have the climate for it, and we no longer have the weaving mills.  In the 60’s and 70’s, cotton production was moved from Britain to places where labour was cheaper.  Asia has become the World’s largest region in cotton production, with China and India being the most prominent.

We have been searching for a long time to establish a relationship with a weaving mill closer to home who can deliver our BCI (British Cotton Initiative) cotton, woven to our unique specifications, but with an even smaller carbon footprint.  Being much closer to us, with no language barrier, means that we can easily visit the mill ourselves to conduct our audits and ensure our supply chain meets our required standards.

We have now succeeded in finding this mill and are now using cotton that is especially woven for us, to our exacting specifications, and we are fully confident that it has been responsibly sourced, produced ethically and contributes towards creating a more sustainable future.

This does of course come at a financial cost, as it is not woven by low wage employees, which results in a higher production cost, but is a step that needs to be made to take our ethical and environmental responsibility seriously.

Our promise to you is that we will keep our prices as low as possible to ensure you have a high quality product for a reasonable price that is kind to the environment.   To achieve this, all year round, we have only the minimal margin in our products to avoid the merry go round of discounting often seen with other companies, this means we can offer you high quality products for a reasonable price, all year round.

Together we can make a difference and together we can make steps in the right direction, not only for us and our planet but also for future generations.

Dick Beijen

Managing Director