Turning our used pallets into furniture

Here at Devon Duvets, we’ve always been committed to a Zero Waste policy and we’re very close to achieving it! We wrote a blog last year about how some of our fabric ‘waste’ is used by other companies to create products -  and now we’ve found a wonderful local business who can turn our old pallets into fabulous garden furniture and a range of useful household items.

Keith & Keith Restoration was founded just down the road from us in Devon by Alan O’Livey, just before the pandemic in 2020. Having always enjoyed watching programmes about furniture restoration and upcycling, he was inspired to start his own business doing the same thing. He started out small, working from home, and using old pallets to make garden furniture, coffee tables and benches.

The business has grown rapidly in the past 18 months, and so Alan now has a workshop based in Plympton, where he is also now making commissions to order. He tells us that some customers have their own ideas about what sort of furniture they would like and so contact him to discuss these ideas. “I enjoy discussing creative ideas with my customers”, he says. “As a new business, it’s always good to keep moving forward and developing my skills.”

Branching out from old pallets, Alan now tracks down all kinds of old wood and other materials for his workshops and this means he has been able to expand on the types of products he makes. This includes coat hooks (with some great Dinosaur themed clothes hooks for children), mug rags, toy chests, cabinets and garden planters of all sizes.

Needless to say, we’re delighted that we’re able to work with another local busines in such a creative way. It means that Alan is helping us to achieve our Zero Waste policy and he won’t be short of old pallets that he can skilfully turn into beautiful and useful products.

If you want to find out more about Alan’s furniture or have any ideas you’d like to discuss with him, then visit his Facebook page and leave him a message or call 07842 318206.