Our award winning Botanic duvets are not just for vegans

What do Venus Williams, Morrissey and Ariana Grande all have in common? They are all passionate Vegans, and this month, over 500,000 people pledged to go vegan. That’s an extra 100,000 from last year!

Deliveroo’s vegan orders spiked by 163% in 2020 and over 7.2 million Brits alone enjoy a meat free diet. Even the big fast-food brands are offering vegan alternatives to attract the new customers, Greggs vegan sausage roll anyone?

But being a Vegan isn’t all about facon, oat milk and the search for the perfect vegan cheese. It’s a lifestyle choice that many people embrace. It’s discovering lifestyle alternatives for everyday things like make-up, clothing, homeware and adapting your life to this new way of thinking and being. 

At Devon Duvets we are very proud of our luxurious, soft award-winning Botanic range of duvets, made from a 100% plant based filling and casing. What’s more, it’s the only duvet of its type to have been Registered by the Vegan Society.

One of our co-founders, Pauline, says: “There’s a lot of people talking about sustainability but we really, really want to support that, sustainability is, in our view, the way forward in the world and this is why we continually look at how we source our materials and the type of materials that we source.

For example, for our Botanic duvet, we wanted a product that would be 100% plant-based but was also responsibly sourced, so the Botanic collection is actually made out of wood from FSC forests and an ECO award-winning process is used to turn it into the beautiful fibre that we use in our duvets.”

So whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, or are just taking steps to make small changes to help the planet…it’s good to know we are all doing our bit.

If you want to know more about our Botanic duvet range then do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.