What's your sleep storyw ith Devon Duvets

Everybody has their own Sleep Story - and we speak to customers every day about theirs. At Devon Duvets we want our customers to achieve a better quality of sleep, and this is why we put so much love and care into individually handcrafting our award-winning duvets, toppers and pillows, here in our Devon workshops.

We thought it would be helpful to share some of these stories in a series of mini blogs as you may find that you have a similar Sleep Story and can see how our 100% natural, filled bedding products can help.


Sue has problems with dust mite allergies and so she currently has a duvet with a ‘hypoallergenic’ microfibre filling. However, she also has eczema and finds that because her synthetic duvet is not breathable, when she becomes hot it traps the heat. This can inflame her skin condition and then she struggles to have a good night’s sleep. Wool is naturally dust mite resistant as well as being breathable and so works with your body core temperature to help provide a more balanced sleeping environment through the night. Sue chose one of our lightweight British wool duvets (4 – 7 togs) and found it made a real difference in the quality of her sleep. Find out more about our British wool duvets here.

Keep checking our blogs for more Sleep Stories!