Why our recyclable packaging is so much more than just packaging

At Devon Duvets we are committed to making and selling natural products that are responsible and ethical. Products that don’t end up in landfill and will either biodegrade or are recyclable.

This means that we’ve had to work hard on not only ensuring that our products fulfil our criteria but also finding the right sort of packaging to fit the same bill. Our packaging is all recyclable, but it doesn’t have to be discarded; it can also be reused in all sorts of useful ways to help with storage around your home, particularly our inner bags. We’ve all put our heads together to come up with some suggestions and we’re sure that there are lots more that we haven’t thought of – but you will!

Rotating your winter or summer clothes

Our inner bags will fit several jumpers and other winter clothing, or a stack of T-shirts and shorts. Once sealed, you can pop them on the top shelf of a cupboard, under your bed or anywhere else that’s dry, such as inside a suitcase, ready for when you need them.

Your spare duvet

Some of us sleep under an all seasons option but many of you prefer to use our light or ultra-weight duvets for summer and a heavier one for winter – or have our combination two-in-one duvet. This means you’ll need to put the one you’re not using away. Hanging on to your inner bag will ensure your duvet is kept neatly stored away for you.

Beach towels and swimwear

Hunting for swimming costumes and beach towels can be time consuming, especially if you’ve put them somewhere ‘out of the way’ and in separate places until the summer – or until it’s time for your holiday. Put them altogether in your Devon Duvets recyclable packaging bag and they’ll be easy to gather up when it’s time to pack.

Soft toys

Keep them tidy – and safe. Our inner packaging bags are perfect for keeping your children’s (or yours!) much loved teddies and other soft toys in one place, especially if you are moving home and don’t want to risk them being left behind, lost en-route or being damaged.


Many of us use throws in winter for snuggling up on the sofa to watch our favourite programme. Once winter is done and dusted, pop your throw into our recyclable bag and store.

Outdoor cushions

No one wants to sit on damp, over-wintered cushions for that lovely first-of-the-season outdoor cuppa! That won’t happen if you’ve tucked them into your reusable duvet packaging bag. They’re tough enough to stay in the garage if you don’t have storage elsewhere.

Spare fabric and knitting wool stash 

Gather it all up into our packaging and keep it together in one easy to find location. If you’re a crafter then you can also use our packaging as extra storage for your materials or card paper.

Spare bedlinen and pillows

If you don’t have a linen cupboard, then you can use our packaging to tidy away your extra linen or pillows and then store on a cupboard shelf (or even on top of your cupboard), or under your bed.

Tablecloths and napkins

Christmas lunch, special birthday celebration or anniversary dinner? If you’ve purchased a fabric tablecloth and matching napkins for the occasion, you’ll want to keep them somewhere afterwards. Rather than shoving them in a drawer along with the tea towels, they can be kept nice and fresh in their own storage bag.

Pet bedding and blankets

Keep your pet’s bedding or blankets separate from your own bedlinen in one of our recyclable bags. They’re big enough for a small soft cat bed or dog bed too.