Why devon is our favourite place in the united kingdom

We know how lucky we are to be based in Devon! When our founders, Dick and Pauline, left their busy international careers 12 years ago, they decided to settle on Dartmoor because they loved the area and wanted to enjoy all its natural beauty and the outdoor lifestyle.

When they developed their idea for Devon Duvets and started to grow the company, production was moved to an area just outside Plymouth, close to the edge of the moor. At that point, we found another reason to love Devon. We discovered that there are many talented seamstresses who live here and now work with us, putting love and care into handcrafting each of our duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. It makes us very proud to be able to say that our filled bedding products are 100% made in Devon!

So…Devon is beautiful and has talent but that’s not all!

Tors, clotted cream, fudge and sheep are usually the things most often associated with Devon, but it is also a county that is full of other enterprising businesses that have based themselves here. We thought we’d share some information on some of our favourites.

  • First up is Twool, an Ashburton-based company that uses wool from Whiteface Dartmoor sheep to make wool twine (perfect for traditional garden use but also great for wrapping gifts), caps, bags and dog leads. Like us, Twool supports British farmers, and has placed responsible sourcing and sustainability at the heart of its business.
  • ViSpring are based just down the road from us and they are manufacturers of high-quality beds. They also make wonderful mattresses, using natural materials, such as cotton and wool. One of their most luxurious mattresses is created using hand teased Devonshire wool.
  • Continuing on the bed theme, Bakare (also based very close to us), make award-winning electric beds, including special needs beds and cots and mobility beds. They make beds for individuals but also supply a number of high-quality care homes. Another family run business, like us, they have been crafting these essential beds for over 25 years.
  • Devon is full of tasty treats. For example, there’s gorgeously smooth Chilli Chocolate and Hot Chocolate from the South Devon Chilli Farm. They also sell chilli plants if you want to give growing your own chillies a whirl! If you’re looking for something with crunch, then there’s Burts Crisps – hand cooked, here in Devon, with lots of fabulous flavours to choose from.
  • On the beverage side, there’s Luscombe. There has been agricultural activity on the Luscombe estate since 1087 and it was even in the Doomsday Book! Traditional cider has been made at Luscombe since the twelfth century and since 1997 the current owners have also been making classic soft drinks and juices from organic ingredients. For those who love a craft ale, there’s the award-winning Jail Ale brewed at the Dartmoor Brewery, alongside their other beers, Legend, Dartmoor IPA and Dragon’s Breath. They use English malt, the finest hops, their own strain of yeast and pure Dartmoor water.
  • Riverford is another innovative company based in Devon and they also share our values of sustainability and responsible sourcing. Founded by Guy Singh-Watson over 30 years ago when he started with a wheelbarrow for delivering to locals, he has since been joined by a number of organic growers and farmers. Riverford offers a huge range of vegetable, diary and meat products that are delivered fresh to 50,000 customers a week. Riverford specialise in offering the best of each season and everything is top quality.
  • For the ultimate pampering session, we love the handmade soaps, bath melts, creams, skincare and scented candles from the Devon Soap Company. All the products are made in Devon, by them and a group of other local soap makers, using only organic and natural ingredients.

It’s no wonder we love living and working in Devon!

You can find out more about our range of individually handcrafted duvets, mattress toppers and pillows on our website. All of our products are made, here in Devon, with responsibly sourced fillings and casings, to ensure you are tucked up in bed with products that are 100% natural.

If you have any questions do feel free to contact us on 01752 345399 or via email. Our team are here to help!