Quilted Adjustable Wool Pillow (75 x 50cm)

Adjust to make unique to you

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Quilted Adjustable Wool Pillow 75cm x 50cm

Our quilted adjustable pillow is expertly handcrafted by our Seamstresses here in Devon, using only the finest quality natural materials, for the best possible comfort and support.  You can create the perfect pillow for you, as you are able to adjust the wool filling inside.

Key Features:

No chemical treatments

Authentic Traceable British Wool, traceable from farm to pillow

Wool is cleaned and processed in British Mills

Handrafted in Devon

Extra cushioning provided from the wool in the quilted outer casing

Adjust the pillow to make it unique for you, simply access the wool using the side zip

Hypoallergenic and hygienic



Filling:  100% Authentic Traceable British Wool, each fibre is twizzled for extra bounce and support (800 grams)

Casing:  300 gsm* of 100% Authentic Traceable British Wool quilted between layers of 260tc BCI** 100% cotton

Care Instructions:  Regular airing will keep this pillow hygienic.  If washing becomes necessary, remove wool from the pillow and machine wash the casing on a 30°C wool setting, using a wool care detergent.  Remove promtly, reshape and line dry.  The wool can be washed separately in the same way, whilst encased in a mesh wash net.  Once dry, refill your pillow


*Grams of wool per square metre
**The Better Cotton Initiative promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming practices.

This pillow will fit into a normal sized pillow case.  If you purchace a wool product from us, you will automatically receive 50% off the price of any of our 450TC Pima white cotton bedlinen at the checkout.


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UKBeautifully British
EthicalEthically sourced and sustainable
Hand stitchHandcrafted in Devon