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  1. How do you turn a tree into a duvet?

    How do you turn a tree into a duvet?

    It sounds impossible but it isn’t…thanks to a pioneering fibre manufacturing process that’s enabled our expert seamstresses in our Devon workshops to create a natural, 100% sustainable product that’s made from trees.


    Right from the beginning, Devon Duvets has always focussed on the production of natural products, in fact ever since our founders, Dick and Pauline Beijen, left their busy international careers for a smallholding on Dartmoor. They started with bee keeping, soap making and other crafts, before expanding into making wool-based products, including wool duvets, using responsibly sourced wool from their own flock of sheep. Following a programme in 2009 for Channel 4, hosted by Monty Don, Dick and Pauline started commercial production of wool duvets, selling through a major retailer as well as direct, through their own website.


    When Dick and Pauline discovered a revolutionary material that is made using plant fibres, it was an obvious next step for them to develop a new duvet for customers who, for specific reasons or personal values or health, would like an alternative option.


    The material consists of a raw fibre called TENCEL™Lyocell, a natural fibre created using a pioneering, ECO award-winning manufacturing process by the Austrian company Lenzing. The fibres are derived from certified and controlled sustainable wood sources, through a process proven to have a low ecological impact as well as being fully traceable and genuinely ethical.


    The TENCEL™Lyocell fibres are supplied to us at Devon Duvets, where they are used to create both the outer casing and filling for every duvet. The two elements are brought together by our amazing seamstresses, who lovingly handcraft each one to ensure a soft-to-the-touch, second to none quality duvet.


    The result? Devon Duvet’s brand new Botanic range. Beautifully soft and comfortable, every Botanic duvet is a natural, handcrafted produc

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  2. Hypo-allergenic Duvets

    Hypo-allergenic Duvets

    What makes the best hypo-allergenic duvet?


    According to The Sleep Council*, allergies affect over 21 million adults in the UK and 59% of ‘indoor’ sufferers say that their symptoms feel worse in their bedroom. This is because house dust mites are amongst the most common triggers for an allergic reaction – and one of their most favourite places is in your bed!

    The most common type of duvets available for allergy sufferers are made from polyester and other synthetic fibres; not ideal at a time when we are becoming increasingly aware about eco-impact and the need to source sustainable products.

    At Devon Duvets we’ve spent years in developing the perfect natural alternative and are understandably proud of our handcrafted wool duvets. We only use 100% Certified British Wool, from fully ethical and traceable sources and do not use bleach or chemical treatments during the process of preparing the wool for the filling of our duvets. 

    But why are our wool duvets so perfect for allergy sufferers? Well, most importantly, wool is hypo-allergenic and has unique natural properties that resist dust mites. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of allergies or asthma and, thereby, aids a a good night’s sleep. 

    Additionally, if you have particularly sensitive skin because of your allergy, our natural wool duvets are encased in beautifully soft, 260 thread count 100% cotton, so you’ll be wrapped from head to toe in comfort. There are no artificial fibres, materials or bonding agents in our natural wool duvets, so you won’t suffer irritation as a result of having a non-natural product against your skin whilst you sleep.

    Wool is a marvellous temperature regulator because it is naturally breathable so helps you stay warm in winter and cool in summer, again helping to alleviate allergy symptoms triggered by sudden temperature changes.

    Our wool duvets are also very easy to care for and because wool is naturally anti-bacterial,

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  3. Launch of our new Botanic Range

    Excited to launch our new Botanic Range, a fully plant based collection of ethical duvets.  Registered by the Vegan Society.  Full Press Release here

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  4. Best Summer Duvet!!

    We are very proud that our Lightweight wool duvet has been chosen by The Independent as their BEST summer duvet for 2019.  BEST SUMMER DUVET

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