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  1. A ‘Zero Waste’ policy is at the heart of our business

    At Devon Duvets we have always been committed to responsible sourcing

    At Devon Duvets, we have always been committed to responsible sourcing. It has been at the heart of what makes us tick, since Dick and Pauline Beijen founded the company over 10 years ago as we feel we all have a responsibility to help protect the world for future generations.

    For our award-winning wool bedding, we only ever use certified 100% British wool, from British farmers who only shear in the Spring and Summer, when the sheep naturally need to lose their winter fleeces. Our wool is then cleaned and milled in British mills, without the use of bleaches or chemical treatments before being individually hand stitched into 100% natural cotton casings by our expert seamstresses, here in Devon. 

    Our plant-based Botanic duvets are made from fibres containing TENCEL™Lyocell, made from sustainable wood sources through an Eco award-winning process. As with our 100% British wool duvets, each of our Botanic duvets is handcrafted by our seamstresses at our Devon workshops. Also an award-winner, our Botanic range was the first bedding of its type to be registered by the Vegan Society.

    We’ve also worked hard to make sure that all of our packaging is either recyclable or reusable.

    So, it’s not really surprising that our aim is to be sustainable in our everyday processes here at our Devon workshops, and this includes our long-held commitment to achieving a ‘zero waste’ policy

    The good news is that we’re almost there and are proud to say that over 99% of everything we produce in terms of ‘waste’ is either reused or recycled by other manufacturers or businesses in the UK, including off cuts from our duvet fillings and duvet casings.

    For example, if you use lined rubber gloves at home for household chores, chances are that you’ve already been using one of our recycled products. The ‘offcuts’ from our 100% natural cotton duvet casings are baled up into pallets and collected by a rubber glove manufacturer. The cotton is then recycled and u

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  2. How Americans started to hear all about Devon Duvets

    Hitting the states with my dream farm television show

    We’ve been curious as to why, just recently, and all of a sudden we’ve started to get a lot more enquiries about our certified 100% British wool duvets from across the pond in the United States. At first, we thought our customers had friends or family in the USA and were spreading the word… however it turned out to be something entirely different!

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