Traceable British Wool From Farm to Duvet

Many of us want to know where our products are made, and what materials are used, so we’ve always been proud that our award-wining products are made right here, in Devon - and only ever using 100% natural products that are responsibly sourced and sustainable. It’s also especially important to us that, through our commitment to use only British wool, we are helping to support British farmers.

The wool inside our duvets, pillows and toppers is certified as traceable, high quality 100% British wool, by the British Wool organisation (formerly the British Wool Marketing Board). This is currently the only independent organisation that can certify wool as being 100% British and therefore the only way you can be sure that you are buying a 100% British wool product.

Working in collaboration with the British Wool organisation, we are able to take this process one step further. A new scheme means that we can fully trace our certified 100% British wool from farm gate to your duvet, topper or pillow, via a specific group of individual farms. Our selected group of farms are based mainly in Devon and across the Southwest of the UK. This means that:

  • We can continue to ensure that the wool inside your Devon Duvets wool-filled bedding is the very best, high quality certified wool available, from a group of selected British farmers with the highest animal welfare standards.
  • We can trace this wool from our chosen British farms through to our individually handcrafted products.
  • Our farmers receive a fair price for their wool, over and above the market value, in return for supplying us with fully traceable wool. This helps to give extra support to the British farming industry, to keep producing and supplying our high quality wool.
  • Whilst we’ve always been able to use a premium 100% British wool mark, our wool-filled bedding products will now also
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