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Monthly Archives: November 2023

  1. 7 tips to tackle jet lag whilst travelling

    Those of us who head off to catch some winter sun - either over the festive period or in the next few months - will know that longer flights often lead to jet lag. We've put some tips together to help with some of the symptoms, so read on to find out more.

  2. 5 facts about beautiful British wool

    At Devon Duvets we love British wool and are committed to supporting our hard working sheep farmers. But did you know that Britian is one of the largest wool producers in the world? Read our blog to discover 5 facts about British wool.

  3. Does caffeine affect your sleep?

    Although caffeine can help boost our energy, it can also affect our sleep, especially if we consume too many caffeinated drinks during the day and late into the evening. Read on to find out more about how caffeine can impact our sleep...and what steps to take to reduce your caffeine intake and help to achieve a more peaceful slumber.

  4. Devon Duvets wins Best Winter Duvet award

    We've been individually handcrafting beautiful British wool duvets for over 15 years and gathered several awards along the way. So, we're delighted to have been given another - 'Best Winter Duvet' in the Independent's Best Duvets 2023 Indie Awards.