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Monthly Archives: December 2023

  1. How do I help my little one sleep on Christmas Eve?

    Christmas Eve can be a bit fraught when it comes to trying to get the kids to go to bed and sleep. The anticipation of a visit from Santa, combined with all the Christmas treats is just too exciting. Read our blog for some tips on how to help your little one get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

  2. Devon Duvets Christmas FAQs

    If you have any queries regarding our Christmas closure, or anything else related to our service over the festive period, we've listed some Frequently Asked Questions in our blog.

  3. Are Father Christmas and Santa Claus the same?

    Until more recent decades, Santa Claus was known as 'Father Christmas' in the UK. They were originally completely separate figures associated with the festive season but are now generally thought of as as one and the same. Read our blog to discover their stories.

  4. Give the gift of sleep

    Sleep is vitally important for our wellbeing and the bedding we use can make a big impact on how restul that sleep can be. Find out how giving your loved one a gorgeous, individually handcrafted British wool duvet can help to improve their sleep over the festive period and beyond.

  5. Unwrapping Hygiene: The Assurance of Purchasing a Brand New Duvet, Mattress Topper or Pillow

    You want to be sure that when you tuck yourself into bed it's more than purely cosy. You also want the reassurance that the bedding you've just purchased is hygienic and isn't a previous return that has already been in opened in someone else's home and then sent out to you. Read our blog to find out more about our strict hygiene processes.