Illustration of a person joyfully unwrapping a gift to reveal a rolled-up white Devon Duvets wool duvet, symbolizing the comfort and luxury of gifting quality bedding.

Sleep is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing and an important part of getting a good night’s sleep is down to the type of bedding that we use. We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping and so it makes sense to ensure you invest in your sleep - and your health - by creating the right environment in your bedroom. Since we are approaching the festive season and the New Year, this is the ideal time to give the gift of peaceful slumber to a loved one – or even treat yourself!

What makes a Devon Duvets wool duvet the perfect gift?

At Devon Duvets, we’re a small family run business that’s been individually handcrafting beautiful award-winning British wool duvets for 15 years, in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor. Committed to using natural and sustainable materials, we don’t prefabricate our duvets; each one is crafted with love, from start to finish, and will be made just for you or your loved one, by one of our seamstresses. When they’ve finished, they will pop a thank you note in with duvet, so you’ll know who has made it. They’ll also tuck in a small bag of English lavender, which you can use in your linen cupboard.

Designed with just the right grade of soft, fully traceable British wool gathered from flocks we know and encased in a high-quality cotton fabric, our luxurious duvets are specially created to drape around you. You’ll feel cosy, cossetted, and comfy and, what’s more, as our wool duvets are chemical free, they’re better for you - and our planet. It’s also good to know that by buying one of our duvets, you’ll also be supporting our hard-working British sheep farmers, who care for the flocks that supply our wool.

How can a Devon Duvets wool duvet help you sleep better?

Wool is a wonderful natural and sustainable fibre. It’s breathable and temperature regulating, which means that it works with you and the ambient temperature of your bedroom to keep your core body temperature balanced whilst you sleep. That makes it especially helpful if you or your loved one tends to experience temperature fluctuations that are keeping them awake during the night. Wool is also resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria, so it’s both hypoallergenic and hygienic.

Which Devon Duvets wool duvet should I choose?

Wool works differently from synthetic, feather or down duvets, so the togs for wool duvets are different too. Tog factors were created to denote the insulation factor of a duvet but as wool can release heat as well as retain it, it has a fluctuating tog equivalency that will range between a lower and higher factor as required, and this is what makes it temperature regulating. For example, if you are buying a duvet for yourself, or as a gift, to use in a well-insulated bedroom in a modern property that retains a steady 18 degrees during the night throughout the seasons, our lightweight wool duvet with its fluctuating tog equivalency of 4 - 7 togs might be sufficient all year. Our medium weight duvets (8 -14 togs) are designed for the colder months, but should you live in a less well insulated property, they might be a good option from autumn through to spring. We also offer our extra warm duvet, with a sumptuous 14+ togs for those live in the coldest parts of the UK or who want to save on energy costs by turning the bedroom thermostat down!To find out more about how our wool duvets work in terms of togs, check out this blog

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