Close-up of Devon Duvets' trademarked sheep’s head logo on a brand label, symbolizing authenticity.

We were contacted by a customer recently who wanted to know what makes a wool duvet from Devon Duvets so special. They also asked how they could tell that they were getting a genuine, authentic Devon Duvets product? Well, first of all (and very importantly!) we are a truly British brand and have gone to great lengths to ensure we only ever use 100% sustainable materials for our award-wining duvets. We choose the highest quality wool for our duvet fillings and the best quality fabric for our 100% cotton casings.

How do we ensure the quality of our duvets?

We ensure that every stitch of our duvets reflects quality right through the duvet crafting process – and we can do this because nobody else makes our duvets for us. Neither are they prefabricated on large roller machinery. So, if it’s not handcrafted by Devon Duvets, here in our own Devon workshops by our  team of professional seamstresses, then it’s not an authentic Devon Duvets British wool duvet.

How can you be sure you've purchased an authentic Devon Duvets British wool duvet?

If you want to be confident that your duvet is an authentic Devon Duvets product, here are five things to look out for:

  1. Brand Label: Woven and with our unmistakable trademarked sheep’s head logo.
  2. Authentic Traceable 100% British wool: Look out for the ‘authentic traceable British wool’ label sewn into each product. These labels are only allowed to be used by companies who use wool that is certified by British Wool, the only independent body that can certify wool as being British.
  3. Design and stitching: The way our duvets are designed and stitched is the result of years of research and fine tuning and is a design that we created as far back as 2008 - now often copied by others, but not in quite the right way.
  4. Cotton casings: The superb quality of our cotton casings, made from 260 thread count pure cotton fabric and which feels especially soft and luxurious to the touch. Our cotton fabric is made from cotton that has been certified by Better Cotton, a global initiative that supports eco-friendly cotton farming practices, as well as supporting equality in the cotton growing communities.
  5. Our packaging: This comes with Devon Duvets branded product inserts and care instructions and a ‘thank you’ note from the seamstress who made your duvet for you.

Once you’ve seen and experienced an authentic Devon Duvets British wool duvet then you will immediately know what makes our duvets stand out from the crowd!

If you have any questions about our wool duvets (or any of our individually handcrafted products), then do please get in touch with the team, who’ll be happy to help.