British Wool

  1. Why Am I Overheating in Bed?

    Person experiencing overheating in bed during sleep

    After many years of speaking to customers about their various sleep issues, the main cause of restless nights is overheating. Overheating can be very disruptive to sleep quality as it will often lead to waking up more during the night. Based on feedback when talking to customers, we’ve listed below the most common causes of overheating at night.

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  2. Can meditation help you to sleep better

    Meditation boosts peaceful slumber, picture of person meditating in bed with eyes closed.

    If you are experiencing trouble falling asleep, you’re not the only one!  Over 35% of adults around the world regularly experience this and, for many, sleeping difficulty is related to stress or anxiety. In today’s very full-on life, sometimes it just isn’t easy to switch off!

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  3. How wool bedding can help achieve a healthier sleep

    Wool bedding creates a comfortable & healthy sleep environment. Experience the cosy bed with wool blankets & pillows in the picture.

    It’s well known that sleep helps to keep your mind and body healthy, but it could be important for your blood pressure too.

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  4. Do wool duvets have a tog rating?

    Thermal resistance duvet tog dog sleeping two duvets

    Our guide to choosing the perfect duvet tog ratings with wool:

    A tog rating is a measure of thermal insulation. Originally created for the clothing market, all duvets come with their own scale of warmth level called a ‘tog rating’. This specifies warmth, not thickness.

    With duvets, the higher the duvet tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Conversely, the lower the tog rating, the cooler the duvet. Most duvets have a fixed tog rating which reflects their insulation factor, and means that they are generally not able to temperature regulate, i.e. they are unable release heat if you need to cool down.

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  5. What makes our quilted adjustable wool pillow so luxurious?

    What makes our quilted adjustable wool pillow so luxurious?

    We’ve been making 100% British wool filled pillows for 12 years and they’re one of our most popular products.  It was only natural, therefore, that we wanted to find a way to make a very special new pillow that would be even more luxurious for those looking for a pillow with even more British wool.

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  6. Should I buy a thick duvet?

    Woman snuggled under luxurious thick wool duvet

    It’s a choice we all need to make, do we invest in a really thick duvet for those occasional cold nights, or do we purchase a duvet that will comfortably keep us warm during most seasons?

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  7. What is the best wool duvet for Winter?

    Featuring the best wool for your wool winter bedding

    We get calls from customers all the time who want to know the best winter duvet option. Everyone is different and so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Some people are naturally ‘hot’ sleepers and others get cold more easily. Some are living in an older, less well insulated house that gets very cold at night and others in a more modern property with a consistent ambient temperature.

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  8. How to turn up the tog factor and dial down the thermostat

    Turn up the tog factor with your extra warm duvet this winter

    At Devon Duvets we’ve been committed to helping people sleep better for over 12 years. In fact, this commitment stems right back to the time when making duvets was just a twinkle in the eye of our owners, Dick and Pauline Beijen.

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  9. Why we know every stitch of our duvets

    Luxury bedding with 100% british wool and fully sustainable

    Experiencing a great night’s sleep is important for body and soul and what you sleep under or on can have a big impact on that. At Devon Duvets we know all about duvets and that’s why we’ve made sure we know exactly what goes into ours, down to the last stitch! In fact, thanks to years of research and experience, you can say we know our duvets inside and out - and this goes back to the time when our products were just a twinkle in the minds of our founders, Dick and Pauline Beijen.

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  10. How Devon Duvets featured on UK wide radio for World Sleep Day

     Devon Duvets featured on UK wide radio for World Sleep Day

    st Friday, 18th March, was World Sleep Day. The focus for this annual event is the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing. Our founders and owners, Dick and Pauline Beijen were approached by a number of UK radio stations, from Scotland to Cornwall, and as far as the Channel Islands, to talk about sleep and how to create the best environment to help achieve a great sleep when you tuck yourself up each night. They were also featured on Sky News Radio.

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