How to improve your sleep with a better nights sleep and taking care of your body

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can result in the interruption of new bone formation and researchers are looking at the association between a reduction in sleep and lower bone density in middle-aged and older women, especially those who are post menopausal.

Our bodies need to go through bone remodelling cycles, and this is vital to keep us flexible so we can avoid fractures. With day-to-day activities we recover quickly from normal, everyday bone wear but if we’re not getting enough sleep this can eventually impact on our flexibility and bone density, making us more vulnerable to osteoporosis.

Ageing can affect sleep because production of the ‘sleep hormone’, melatonin, decreases with age. Our bodies produce melatonin based on the amount of light we are exposed to, however the combination of lower melatonin levels that come with age and resulting loss of sleep can make us vulnerable to bone density issues. Luckily, there are some things we can do to help fend off osteoporosis, including staying active and mobile and this will also help with getting better sleep.

Here are our top tips:

Ensure you have a good sleeping environment…

In addition to having a bedroom that is calm and comforting, make sure your bedding is up to the job. A comfortable and supportive mattress is a must and the only way to be sure is to try some out at your local mattress retailer or stockist. There are so many options available, and no two bodies are alike.

You are also going to sleep better if you have filled bedding (duvets, pillows, toppers) that is made with natural fibres that are breathable. Wool is always a good choice because it is temperature regulating (adjusting to your core body temperature and the ambient temperature of your bedroom) and is also resistant to dust mites. Our award-winning wool filled mattress toppers are created for those who have a firm mattress but would like an extra layer of softness to add a layer of comfort. We also make wool duvets and pillows – and all of our wool soft bedding products are made with authentic traceable 100% British wool that is natural, sustainable, and chemical free. Combine these with duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases made from 100% natural fibres, rather than polycotton blends.

Take Daily Exercise…

Even just 10 minutes of aerobic exercise each day can help you sleep better at night. Aerobic exercise is cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping – such as a brisk walk, swimming or cycling. Some gardening activities can also be included in this. Weight bearing activities, such as chopping logs can also help to improve bone health and Yoga helps to increase flexibility and balance. Maintaining a healthy body weight is also important, as being overweight can lead to sleep disorders, such as sleep apnoea.


Magnesium is associated with better sleep and is also good for bone building. Calcium, iron and zinc are also known to help against osteopetrosis, and Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium. During the warmer months when we are exposed to more sunlight, our bodies can make Vitamin D, but is less efficient at doing so during the winter when hours of daylight are shorter. However, always check with a doctor before taking any mineral or vitamin supplements.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco…

It is well known that alcohol at night interferes with sleep, and especially during the important REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles. It is also linked to lower bone density. Studies have shown that smoking can cause shorter sleep duration but also impacts on good bone density - and can slow down healing from musculoskeletal injuries.

Last, but not least, do speak to your doctor about bone density screening for long term bone health, and always seek advice from medical professionals if you are experiencing any symptoms of bone conditions such as osteoporosis. When identified early on, osteoporosis can be treated effectively before it causes issues.

If you would like further information about our 100% British wool filled bedding, then please get in touch with the team, who will be able to help.