Image of a person adding wool from a Devon Duvets duvet to a compost heap, illustrating responsible recycling practices

We are lucky at Devon Duvets because we have many customers who come back to us when they want to purchase further Devon Duvets wool duvets. We are also finding that more and more consumers want a wool duvet because they are natural and sustainable, and therefore a responsible choice when it comes to buying bedding.

A lot of our customers ask us if they can recycle their much-used and much-loved Devon Duvets duvet when it comes to replacing it in the future, and the simple answer is…yes.  Here’s why:

Wool is a natural and sustainable product

Our wool comes from live sheep from British flocks that are sheared during the Spring and Summer when they need to lose their heavy winter fleeces. The wool regrows, so it is a truly sustainable fibre. Our wool is gathered from selected British farmers who we know have the highest standards of animal husbandry, and it is traceable from farm to duvet. It’s also certified by the British Wool organisation, so you can be confident that your Devon Duvets duvet will only ever have a 100% British wool filling.

We don’t treat our wool with chemicals

Our wool is thoroughly washed (known as ‘scouring’) in British mills, without the use of chemicals. This not only means that we keep our carbon footprint down, but it also means our wool stays as natural as nature intended – better for you and for the planet.

Our cotton casings are more environmentally friendly

The cotton used to make our cotton casing fabric is certified by Better Cotton, a global initiative that supports and promotes better environmentally friendly and socio-economic cotton farming practices. Our fabric is not bleached but is dyed using eco-friendly dyes that won’t harm the environment.

Our duvet packaging is recyclable

Made with cardboard from FSC wood sources, our packaging comes from a local supplier, who makes it on the premises. They also use a special process for printing that uses less ink.

How to recycle your Devon Duvets wool duvet responsibly

Wool makes excellent compost, especially, if like the wool in our duvets, it has not been treated with chemicals. It will break down, releasing nutrients into the soil. If you’re a keen gardener, just pop it into your compost bin to break down or use it at the base of your vegetable or flower beds. If you have a compost pile, rather than a bin, in a corner of your garden, you may even find that wild birds will use it to line their nests. Alternatively, try putting some wool inside a feeder and hang it up in a tree. The birds will help themselves to what they need and because the wool is completely natural it will create a nice cosy home for the whole feathered family! Alternatively, you can take it to your local recycling centre. Unlike duvets with synthetic fillings and/or casings, the duvets made by us are natural and chemical free, so they won’t sit in landfill for years. Instead, the wool and cotton casing will break down without releasing anything harmful into the environment.

Our 100% British wool duvets are individually handcrafted by our team of professional seamstresses, at our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor. If you’d like to know more about our award-winning British wool products, then just get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help.