A seamstress crafting a woollen duvet using a sewing machine.

As business owners, Dick and Pauline are the first to admit that running a business these days can be somewhat challenging, as well as exciting. Selling sustainable luxury bedding products is the final step in a long journey that involves dedication, creativity, and an unyielding spirit to overcome obstacles.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life at Devon Duvets - whether that be taking deliveries of beautiful British wool, our seamstresses hard at work, our customer services team dealing with enquiries, or our dispatch team packing up orders to send them out – there is something more profound at play.

In a nutshell, at Devon Duvets we strive to be true to ourselves and authentic. We’re proud that we were the first British company to design and create individually handcrafted 100% British wool soft bedding products over 15 years ago – and in our own workshops on the edge of Dartmoor. Not only that…we are committed to sustainability and to offering natural products that will help customers to sleep better, whilst embracing our responsibility to minimise our impact on our planet.

Devon Duvets natural bedding emblems.Devon Duvets natural bedding emblems.

How do we ensure authenticity?

Authenticity means ‘walking the walk’, sticking to your ethos and values, even in a highly competitive market where others try to emulate but ultimately choose the path of convenience over authenticity, because they opt for mass production or prefabricating many elements.

Authenticity is built into the DNA of Devon Duvets. It means only gathering our wool from local British farmers who we know have the highest standards of animal welfare, using traditional British mills to clean and needle our wool without chemical treatments, selecting cotton fabric made from cotton that’s been grown and farmed with the environment and fairness to its workers in mind.

We also ensure our authenticity by welcoming and undergoing ethical auditing for our materials and processes. This also highlights our commitment to achieving a lower carbon footprint without having to compromise on quality, by individually handcrafting our award-winning products in our own energy efficient building in Devon - rather than mass producing, prefabricating or making overseas.

The importance of a shared commitment

We also believe in the importance of the local economy by providing jobs for talented locals, in addition to sourcing our office equipment, packaging, stationary and professional consultants within Devon. We all share an unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and a dedicated service.

A genuine connection

All this comes together as a genuine connection between our suppliers, our team, and our customers, who have joined us on the journey. We are filled with gratitude to know that our values are shared by our suppliers and our customers. Our challenges are made that much easier knowing that we are creating something for customers who share our determination when it comes to making responsible choices. Together, we are not just business owners and customers; we are guardians of authenticity, champions of integrity and architects of a brighter future for us and our planet.

For further information about any of our products, please contact the team by calling 01752 345399 or via email.

A view from Dartmoor where Devon Duvets workshop is based.A view from Dartmoor where Devon Duvets workshop is based.