Why is Ethical Auditing important?

An ethical audit is an inspection or examination of processing and systems to ensure compliance with ethics-related requirements. In other words, it is an accredited third-party investigation into how well a company or organisation conforms to the ethical standards of its industry or society in general.

This includes a number of key areas, including (but not limited to), how a company makes products or provides a service, how it sources its components or materials, how its staff are treated and how the business operates generally.

Here at Devon Duvets, ethical auditing is part of our ethos. It shows that we meet our responsibilities and endeavour, in every way, to ensure that our customers are getting a product from a company that has a set of values it is prepared to stand by and be proud of.

Our ethical auditing is carried out by SEDEX, which is trusted by over 74,000 businesses to help manage environmental, social and governance risks. Part of this was a SMETA audit - the world’s most widely used audit of working conditions and environmental performance – not only of our business but also that of our trusted supply chain. We have always endeavoured to use materials that are responsibly sourced, sustainable, and natural and from suppliers who share our values. It isn’t enough to just say it – we wanted to prove it, which meant opening our doors, procedures and policies for scrutiny by a SMETA approved auditor.

We are delighted that we passed with flying colours, which is thanks to the Devon Duvets team, our brilliant suppliers - and our customers who continue to purchase our products and support a small family run, British manufacturer.


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