A hand cradling a heart-shaped Earth, symbolizing Devon Duvets' dedication to protecting the planet from plastic pollution.

In a world inundated with plastic waste, the battle for our planet’s health has intensified. Earth Day 2024’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastics”, underscores the urgent need to address the pervasive threat posed by plastic pollution. At Devon Duvets, we stand in solidarity with this crucial mission, advocating for widespread awareness and tangible action against the detrimental effects of plastics on our environment.

Our commitment to sustainability: 

This isn’t just a tagline; it’s been woven into the very fabric of our ethos from before the launch of our business over 15 years ago. Indeed, Devon Duvets would not have seen the light of day, without the months of meticulous research and product development undertaken to ensure our founding principles were met - and without compromise. Now, as we celebrate Earth Day 2024, we reflect on our unwavering dedication to crafting beautiful products that prioritise not only the wellbeing of our customers, but also the health of our planet. In a marketplace saturated with synthetic materials and single-use plastics, Devon Duvets is charting a different course.

We refuse to compromise on our values:

We have always sought to protect the environment in everything we do, and we continually look at ways to enhance and maximise this, including the phasing out of plastic use wherever possible across our business operations. From our carefully audited supply chains, through to production, packaging, and our pledge to a circular economy - every aspect of our process is meticulously designed to minimise our environmental footprint.

Central to our mission is the rejection of single-use plastics:

While some may choose to perpetuate the cycle of plastic pollution by using recycled plastic bottles as filling for their duvets, we adamantly say ‘no’. Why create a market for something that should be eradicated? Instead, we opt for natural, renewable, and sustainable materials that honour the sanctity of our planet.

Our sustainable products are testament to this commitment:

Individually handcrafted with care and consideration in our own workshops in Devon, each product reflects our dedication to preserving the beauty, diversity, and integrity of our natural world. By choosing Devon Duvets, our customers aren’t just investing in quality – they’re joining a movement for positive change.

As Earth Day 2024 approaches, let us unite in the fight against plastic pollution. Together, we can advocate for the phasing out of single-use plastics, push for a strong UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution, and demand an end to the culture of fast fashion. Our planet’s future depends on it.

Join us in choosing the Earth. Together, let’s make a difference – one sustainable choice at a time.

Find out more here about our commitment to sustainability and to a circular economy.