From the sheep all the way to providing you with a better night’s sleep - then let us fill you in.

We’re proud to say that our award-winning certified 100% British wool duvets are handcrafted here in the beautiful county of Devon. If you’ve ever wondered about the journey that our wool goes on - from the sheep all the way to providing you with a better night’s sleep - then let us fill you in.

Our wool only ever comes from live sheep bred by British farmers and we only accept wool that has been shorn during the spring and summer. This is when the sheep require shearing to keep them cool and happy during the warmer temperatures. All of our wool is certified by British Wool so we know we’re helping to support British farmers.

The wool is then scoured in British mills, without using any chemicals or bleaches, to ensure that all of the natural properties are left intact. This means that when you snuggle up at night in our bedding, you can be confident that it’s just as nature intended and kinder on your skin.

Next is a process called ‘needling’, where the wool is needled into soft layers to create lots of loft, trapping air and creating a gorgeous filling that is naturally temperature regulating and breathable. We have developed our own unique and special way of needling to deliver the highest standard of wool bedding. Needling also ensures a consistent thickness and that the duvet won’t “clump” with use.

After that, it’s our seamstresses time to shine and they lovingly handcraft each and every duvet, encasing the wool in 100% natural cotton. When our seamstresses finish each duvet, they include a handwritten card with their name on, so you’ll know exactly who’s made yours.

We then carefully pack our duvets into our reusable packaging, tucking in a small sachet of English lavender for your linen cupboard. Our free next day delivery allows you to snuggle up in comfort and enjoy the benefits of our naturally breathable and temperature regulating British wool duvets without delay.

You can find out more about our certified 100% British wool duvet range here but if you have any questions then just contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help.