How do I choose the best winter wool duvet?

Here at Devon Duvets, we make beautiful handcrafted, natural, certified 100% British wool duvets for all seasons. However, right now, winter is here and we’re all looking for that extra snuggle factor to help us get the best possible night’s sleep. 

Everyone is different though; everyone’s body temperature varies so it’s important to ensure that you sleep under a duvet that’s specific to your requirements.  

The question is: how do I choose the best winter duvet?  Our customers often ask us this, so we thought we’d chat about the available options below. Depending on which option you go for, you’ll have a choice of tog equivalents from 4 togs, right up to a massive 20 togs! Bear in mind that wool is a natural temperature regulator so will react to your body temperature far more efficiently than a synthetic duvet.

  • You live in a warm house, or you keep your heating on all night during winter – or you are just naturally someone who gets hot at night (yes, those dreaded ‘night sweats’!): You may find that our lightweight 100% British wool duvet (approximately 4 togs) will stand you in good stead all year round. You could also add our 100% British wool mattress topper and/or 100% British wool pillows in winter.
  • You don’t keep the heating on all night, and you prefer a thicker duvet in winter: Opt for our winter medium weight duvet, with a tog range equivalent to 8 – 14 togs. This duvet will regulate to your body temperature and most of our customers have found this is the perfect duvet for winter. Again, our certified 100% British wool mattress toppers will add the extra snuggle factor, should you want it.
  • You live in a cold region, have a cool house or like to have your window open to the elements in winter, whatever the weather: You could choose to opt for one of our extra warm winter duvet sets, which will give you up to a 20 tog equivalent. This set consists of one of our lightweight 100% British wool duvets AND one of our winter medium weight 100% British wool duvets. The two different weight duvets can be combined using the secure ties on each corner, rather than poppers, so they won’t separate inside your duvet. With this set, you’ll also have the year-round, 3-in-1 flexibility to use the lightweight duvet in the hotter months, the medium weight duvet in the cooler months and also to combine both in the winter, depending on how snuggly you want to feel.

Each one of our duvets is individually handcrafted by our brilliant seamstresses at our Devon workshops. There’s no cutting corners – we know how important your 7 or 8 hours sleep is and so every care is taken to create the softest, snuggliest duvets going. We only ever use 100% British wool and we’re proud of the fact that we are accredited by British Wool (and allowed to use their logo), unlike many other wool duvet producers. So, you can be sure that when we say your duvet is made from 100% British wool that this is exactly what you are getting.

The other great benefits of sleeping under a wool duvet is that wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and can therefore aid those who suffer from asthma and allergies to get a more restful night’s sleep. As a natural temperature regulator, a wool duvet is also the perfect duvet not just for if you sleep alone but also if you are sharing it with your partner. It will adapt to each person’s body temperature, ensuring that you both get a great night’s sleep, even if one of you gets hot at night and the other feels the cold.