Woollen pet bed handmade in the United Kingdom featuring a Jack Russel.

Since we started making wool filled bedding 15 years ago, many customers have been in touch, asking if we can make a special sized duvet for their pet. We’ve even been asked to make one for a tortoise! So, after putting our heads together to design something extra special, we’re delighted to launch our fantastic luxurious 100% British wool fleece pet beds.

What are our pet beds made from?

Created with our furry best friends in mind and individually handcrafted by our seamstresses in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor, each bed has a sumptuous natural wool fleece outer casing, filled with hand fluffed wool. As we are committed to supporting our wonderful sheep farmers, we are using certified 100% British wool for the casing and the filling. There are no synthetic fibres, linings, or fillings, so our pet beds are natural and sustainable. There is a zip in the casing for removal of some wool if adjustment is required and this also allows the casing to be washed (please refer to our care instructions on the product page)

There are 3 sizes available: Small, Medium and Large.

Gorgeously snuggly and soft, our pet beds have been tried and tested by Ash the dog and Sherpa the cat and have been given the ‘paws up’ approval!

Luxuriously soft handmade dog bed featuring a Jack Russel dog.Luxuriously soft handmade dog bed featuring a Jack Russel dog.

Tried and Tested by Ash the Dog

Ash is the office dog, and he is a member of the Beijen family (Dick, Pauline, Anna and Jake), who own and run Devon Duvets. Although he is a small Jack Russell, as far as he is concerned, he is a ‘big’ dog and so has tested both the small and the large size pet bed.

Ash likes:

  • Greeting everyone in the office when he arrives
  • Riding in his special carrier on Dick’s bicycle or scooter
  • Travelling around the UK and mainland Europe in the Beijen motorhome
  • Barking at squirrels
  • Patrolling the garden
  • His beds – he has lots around the office and at home, but now his favourite is his fleece wool bed
  • Cookies (strictly rationed)
Cat laying on woollen pet bed with british wool.Cat laying on woollen pet bed with british wool.

Tried and Tested by Sherpa the Cat

Sherpa is a ‘tortie’ and owns Henrietta, one of the Devon Duvets team. Originally an abandoned street cat from Egypt, she was rescued at 6 weeks old when she moved in with Henrietta, in the Ma’adi district of Cairo. She came to the UK when Henrietta returned home 3 years later and is now an elderly lady (over 17 and counting!), living with Henrietta on Dartmoor. She tested the small size pet bed.

Sherpa likes:

  • Sleeping on the window ledge in the sun
  • Sleeping in the garden under the cat mint
  • Sleeping on the sofa (preferably on a lap)
  • Sleeping just about anywhere, but especially on her new wool fleece pet bed
  • Chasing butterflies
  • Suddenly staring intently (at apparently nothing) to get a reaction
  • Tuna

For more information about our pet beds, please get in touch with the team on 01752 345399 or via email.