Wooden duvet vs synthetic duvet. A close shot of someone using an adjustable pillow.

We’ve talked about Night Owls and Morning Larks in a previous blog about sleeping requirements -  but now it’s time for pillow talk! So, are you a side sleeper, sleep on your back or like to tuck up on your tum?

What is the most common type of sleeper?

Over 54% of adults sleep on their side, which makes it easier to keep your spine balanced, relieving pressure on the spinal tissues. It also reduces the chance of snoring and/or sleep apnoea. Stomach sleepers are less likely to snore too, however you need to twist your neck to sleep in this position so you may find that this can lead to back and neck pain on waking if the pillow is too high. Sleeping on your back, with your head elevated can help with acid reflux, however, if the pillow is too high it can put strain on your neck. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you sleep on your back, you are more prone to snoring, due to the weight of your neck or chest pressing down.

Why is it important to pick the right kind of pillow?

Whichever kind of sleeper you are you are, it’s important to get the right pillow to support your neck in your preferred sleep position. The most important thing to remember about pillows is that your head and shoulders should be straight as possible, with the space between your shoulders and neck filled, so that your neck is not kinked or bent. This is where our patented and uniquely designed folding pillow comes in. Made with layers of beautiful, fully traceable 100% British wool, encased in a 260 thread count cotton casing, our folding pillows are individually handcrafted in our Devon workshops by our team of professional seamstresses.

When the sections are folded, all our folding pillows measure a standard size pillow (75cm x 50cm), but the variation comes in the height and feel of the different options as below. We also offer a king size folding pillow (90cm x 50cm, designed for super king beds or larger) in each type. We’d recommend checking out our video, where one of our founders and owners, Dick, explains how our folding pillows work. You can also read our digital magazine.

2-Fold Wool Pillow

Made with 2 sections that fold over on each other, and tuck into a flap that holds the sections in place. This pillow is approximately 8cm – 9cm at the edges and a little higher in the middle. This is a medium soft pillow, good for older children, adults with smaller necks or those who prefer to sleep on their front. One section can be rolled to create a wedge for added neck support if you are sleeping on your side.

3-Fold Wool Pillow

This pillow is made with 3 sections that fold over on each other, under a flap to hold it in place. Approximately 11cm high at the edges and a little higher in the middle, the 3-fold pillow is good for side sleepers and can also be suitable for those who sleep on their back. As with the 2-fold pillow, one section can be rolled to create additional support. This is a medium - medium firm pillow.

4-Fold Wool Pillow

Comprising 4 sections that fold over on each other and held in place by a flap, this pillow is higher than a standard pillow as it is approximately 15cm – 16cm high in the middle. Ideal for those with bigger necks that need additional support, or for those with broad shoulders, and one section can be rolled to create additional support. This is a firm pillow.

Natural, sustainable, and chemical free, our pillows are also resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria, which also makes them hygienic as well as perfect for those who experience asthma at night due to dust mite allergens.

If you have any questions about our pillows, then please call the team on 01752 345399 or get in touch via email.