Seven Reasons for Choosing a Devon Duvets Wool Duvet

When Devon Duvets was founded back in 2010, we had already made the decision to make wool duvets the focus of our business. Since then, we have gone on to develop other products, but our wool duvets have remained the most popular throughout the years. Beautifully soft, deliciously snuggly in winter, yet cool in summer, wool is a wonderful natural product that turns a duvet into a slice of sleep heaven!

Thousands of happy customers have already discovered the benefits of a wool duvet but if you’re still pondering if it’s the right choice for your bed, here’s seven reasons to consider a Devon Duvets wool duvet.

1. Wool is Natural and Sustainable

In the same way that our hair grows, wool fleece continuously grows and so sheep need shearing to relieve them before it becomes too heavy. We only ever use 100% British wool in our wool duvets, certified by the British Wool organisation – and we only ever use wool from live sheep that have been shorn in the traditional way in spring or summer, when the fleece has grown long over the winter. Our wool is washed (known as ‘scouring’) in British mills without the use of bleaches or chemicals, so our wool duvets are 100% natural.

2. Wool is Breathable and Temperature Regulating

As a natural fibre, wool is breathable. This means that, unlike synthetic materials, it will work with your body temperature, retaining heat when you are cold, but releasing heat if you get too warm. Your wool duvet will also work with the ambient temperature in your bedroom, helping to keep you warm if your bedroom is cool, but also radiating heat away from your body in the warmer months. Wool also wicks away moisture. This makes it the ideal duvet filling for temperature regulation and especially if you suffer from ‘night sweats’.

3. Wool is Wonderfully Soft

Once our wool has been washed, it is then needled to our exacting specifications, to trap air and create loft. This results in soft, fluffy layers of wool, that are then encased in high quality, 260 thread count 100% natural cotton. As the wool is in layers, it cannot move around inside the duvet casing and so your duvet will drape gently around your body, creating a luxurious sleeping environment.

4. Wool is Hypoallergenic

Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria, which makes it perfect if you suffer from allergies or asthma. The washing process at the mill also removes virtually all the lanolin from the wool, so you are left with wool fibres that are anti-allergy.

5. Wool is Naturally Flame Retardant

When compared to many other common materials, especially synthetics such as polyester or nylon, wool is naturally fire retardant.

6. Wool is Environmentally Friendly

Because wool is a natural product, it will biodegrade harmlessly into the environment, when the time comes to replace your duvet. The cotton casing we make is also 100% natural, so that will biodegrade harmlessly too!

7. Our Wool Duvets are 100% British Made

All of our wool comes from British farmers, which means we are supporting farming in the UK. Then when you take into account that our wool is cleaned here in the UK, this means we are able to minimise our carbon footprint. We put a lot of love and care into the making of our duvets; each and every one is individually handcrafted by our brilliant seamstresses, here in our Devon workshops. We have a team of seamstresses, packers and dispatchers, plus our sales team – so we are also providing jobs for people who live in our area, which is good for the UK economy.

You can find out more about our range of certified 100% British wool duvets on our website but if you have any queries, then do get in touch by email or by telephoning 01752 345399 and our friendly team will be happy to help. Our duvets also make a fantastic Christmas gift, so why not treat a loved one (or yourself!) to an extra bit of snuggliness!