Artistic depiction of the Devon Duvets Bedtime Stories

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with our customers. Whilst you’ll find details about products on our website, showing all the reasons why our natural and sustainable products are individually handcrafted to provide comfort, cosiness and better sleep, it’s not always quite so easy to explain the magic behind how we make them and why they are so luxurious!

How do we explain the ‘magic’ that goes into our products?

We’ve come up with a selection of enchanting bedtime stories to share with you – all written by Pauline, one of our founders and co-owners. Each narrative is thoughtfully crafted, reflecting not just the essence of our products but also the values and traditions we hold dear. Each story is available in two versions, both with beautiful illustrations; one to read to yourself or aloud, the other is narrated by Pauline, and comes with some animation to enjoy. They are all free for everyone on our Bedtime Story section of our website.

How many Devon Duvets bedtime stories are there?

There are currently five bedtime stories for you to enjoy, and share with children or grandchildren, each one reflecting the ways in which nature and craftsmanship are harmoniously intertwined. We’ve provided some teasers below and there are more entrancing stories planned, to add to the collection.

The Sheep Whisperer

Discover how Samuel, ‘The Sheep Whisperer’, a man known for his gentle spirit and unique connection with sheep, tenderly shears Devon flocks in the summer to relieve them of their heavy winter fleeces. Samuel provides these special fleeces to Devon Duvets, who handcraft them into luxurious bedding. Read Samuel’s story here.

The Sheep Whisperer', gently shearing sheep for Devon Duvets' luxurious bedding.The Sheep Whisperer', gently shearing sheep for Devon Duvets' luxurious bedding.

The Dream Weavers

Follow the story of The Dream Weavers, the skilled seamstresses at the Devon Duvets workshops. As the tale unfolds, meet their magical helpers, whose nimble fingers help to infuse every fibre with the power to help you to sleep. Discover the Dream Weavers and their elf helpers here.


Storybook image showcasing rare breed sheep and their role in Devon Duvets' heritage-rich bedding collection.

Whispers of Resilience

Journey into this tale of rare breed sheep and their importance as part of our heritage and the undying spirit of nature. Helped by Samuel, ‘The Sheep Whisperer’ and the Devon Duvets Dream Weavers, discover how our Rare Breeds duvet collection is infused with history, warmth, luxury and the determination to keep a much-loved legacy alive. Join the journey here.

Santa’s Slumberful Christmas

In this enchanting Christmas tale, experience the warmth of Santa’s mission to bring tranquil rest to every home. The ethically sourced wool used by Devon Duvets carries the serene peace of a winter’s night, enfolding you in magically stitched layers of luxury, comfort, and sweet Yuletide slumber. Follow Santa’s mission here.

Heartfelt illustration of Bob the sheepdog learning the power of kindness in the Devon countryside.Heartfelt illustration of Bob the sheepdog learning the power of kindness in the Devon countryside.

The Power of Kindness

This heart-warming story is dedicated to Dick and Pauline’s sheepdog, Bob and is based on a true story. Immerse yourself in the uplifting story of Bob, a determined sheepdog in Devon, who learns to use the magic of kindness to transform from a dream-filled pup to a champion sheep herder. This tale aligns with our values of sustainability and craftsmanship – yet also highlights the cherished bonds we have with our beloved pets and the natural world around us. Celebrate Bob’s story here.


If you are interested in our individually handcrafted products and would like to know more, then please do get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.