how to sleep better at night so you''re able to focus at work

Wool Wellbeing Tip #3: Work Wellbeing

Work and our jobs can take up a very large part of our lives and with the fast pace, technological world in which we now live, there are times when it can seem to create a 24/7 demand and therefore can become stressful and demanding.

As part of our Wool Wellbeing series of blogs, we’ve come up with some wellbeing tips for work.

  • Most importantly…Get a good night’s sleep! Lack of sleep can impact on our concentration during the day and if sustained over a long period will affect your physical and mental health. Try to establish a routine whereby you aim to go to bed around the same time each night and avoid using devices for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. It’s best not have them in the bedroom with you and having a TV in the bedroom will stimulate, rather than relax, you. Reading a book is a better option and ensure your bedroom is a calming environment. Your choice of bedding will also make a huge difference and always opt for those made with natural fibres as they are breathable, whereas synthetic fibres generally are not. Our individually handcrafted wool duvets, toppers and pillows are made here in Devon, using traceable 100% British wool. They’re naturally temperature regulating, so will help keep your core body temperature balanced whilst you sleep. They’re also dust mite resistant, so good for helping to relieve the symptoms of allergies.
  • Create ‘boundaries’… More of us are working on flexitime and/or working from home and although it sounds good, it can be challenging if there are others at home at the same time. Friends and family need to understand that during your working hours, your home is your office and that it is important to let you have a productive day without unnecessary interruptions. Plan your day and your schedule and see what works best for you. You may need to spend some days in the office and some at home. If possible, try not to answer work emails outside of your usual work hours so that you have time for yourself and your family.
  • Understand your workflow… Some people are more productive in the mornings and others a little later in the day (see our blog on Night Owls and Morning Larks). You may be someone who likes to work in short bursts, or prefers short to-the-point meetings, rather than long meetings where concentration can lapse.
  • Create an attractive workspace… It doesn’t matter how large or small your office is, if you can make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible this can really make a difference. Making yourself comfy includes making sure your chair gives you proper support when you sit at your desk, ensuring your computer screen is at eye level to avoid you having to bend your neck and using a mouse pad with wrist support. Tips to make your workspace more attractive include adding a couple of plants or some artwork on the wall and trying to keep your space as clutter free as possible so you don’t have to spend time searching for things. If you work from home, then a scented candle can be a lovely touch.
  • Breathe in the air… If you can, take time to go outside in the middle of the day for a breath of fresh air, or even a short stroll. It’s not only good for you but it also gives you a break and a bit of headspace.
  • A problem (or challenge) shared… It often helps to have someone to brainstorm with or discuss ideas in more detail. They don’t have to be your best friend, but it can be beneficial in helping you to work through challenges to be solved or provide other perspectives for a balanced overall view. Keep it positive though to make sure it is productive.

If you require any further information or have any questions about our natural British wool filled bedding products, please get in touch.