The Devon Duvets family, including founders Dick and Pauline, standing proudly in front of their workshop, embodying their commitment to handcrafted sustainability.

Many of our long-standing customers will be familiar with our story and how our founders, Dick and Pauline, came up with the idea for the UK’s very first individually handcrafted 100% British wool duvet. However, explaining the heart and soul of the business is not always easy to put into words.

So, we’ve created a special video to share in this blog and you will also find it on the Home Page of our website. In the video, you’ll see how Dick and Pauline, together with their two children Anna and Jake, made the move to a small holding Dartmoor. Then, inspired by using wool from their own flock, they worked with other farmers to create what is now the award-winning range of products you’ll find on our website today.

Over 15 years after the founding of Devon Duvets, we’re as committed to sustainability as ever, ensuring the responsible sourcing of natural and sustainable materials, and ethical, low carbon footprint practices across every level of our business. Our products are, literally, works of art, with each one being individually handcrafted in our Devon workshops by our team of professional seamstresses. We don’t believe in prefabricating our products because we know that crafting by hand ensures our products have the right drape and luxurious feel that helps our customers achieve a better sleep. It also ensures minimal wastage, which we then re-purpose to ensure a circular economy.

For further information about our 100% natural and sustainable products, please contact the team on 01752 345399 or via email.