1. Why is Ethical Auditing important?

    Why is Ethical Auditing important?

    An ethical audit is an inspection or examination of processing and systems to ensure compliance with ethics-related requirements. In other words, it is an accredited third-party investigation into how well a company or organisation conforms to the ethical standards of its industry or society in general.

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  2. Our Plant-based Botanic Duvets Win Their Third Award

    natural vegan duvet award 2022 individually handcrafted



    Hot on the heels of our third award for our lightweight British wool duvets, the team at the Evening Standard have chosen our Ultralight Botanic duvet as ES Best Top Pick and their overall favourite in their Best Summer Duvet awards, for the third time. 

    Having previously been chosen in 2019 and 2021, this year the ES team said that the duvet was their frontrunner as it gives the best summer night’s sleep yet. They loved that it was made with natural and sustainable plant-based materials from ethical sources and that it was easy to care for.

    Our Botanic duvet range was launched in 2019 as an option for customers who wanted a wool-alternative product but did not want to go down the non-sustainable synthetic duvet route. Our Botanic duvets are soft and silky, and made with 100% plant-based fibres containing TENCELäLyocell, from certified sustainable wood sources, and processed through an Eco award-winning process. These fibres are used for the filling and the casing for the duvets, so we are literally

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  3. Our Lightweight Wool Duvets Are Now Triple Award Winners

    lightweight wool duvet triple award winning independent Best Buy 2022 best luxury duvet



    At Devon Duvets, we put a lot of love and care into every stitch of our individually handcrafted British wool duvets to ensure that our customers can sleep better. So, it’s only natural that we are very proud when we win awards!  This year is special though because the team at the Indie Best Buy Awards, which are run by The Independent, have chosen our lightweight (summer) wool duvet as Best Wool Summer Duvet for the third year running.


    The Indie highlighted that the Devon Duvets lightweight wool duvet was beautifully handmade in Devon, using fully traceable British wool from British farmers for the filling, together with ethically sourced, unbleached 260 thread count cotton for the casing. They also said during testing they noticed it was breathable and effective at regulating their tester’s body temperature, making it ideal.

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  4. Our award winning toppers are even bigger and better than before

    Our award winning toppers are even bigger and better than before

    Although we have won several awards for our individually handcrafted 100% British wool mattress toppers (including an ‘Indy Best Buy’ from The Independent), we don’t want to rest on our laurels. As more and more people are discovering the joys of sleeping more soundly having purchased one of our wool mattress toppers, we’re constantly looking for ways to maximise the way we build luxury into every stitch.

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  5. Good Housekeeping Voted Our Wool Mattress Topper as the Best!

    Good housekeeping best mattress topper

    Mattress toppers are great for adding an extra layer of cosy comfort to your bed, providing a nice thick layer that will give you additional support and help you to achieve a better night’s sleep. Additionally, toppers help to extend the life of your mattress as they reduce the pressure on your mattress springs and lessen the amount of general wear.

    Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to prolong their life and ensure you are getting the best support for your body, but this isn’t always achievable for everyone. If you are able to flip or turn a mattress topper this presents a much easier option, as well as helping the topper to keep its shape through even settlement of the materials.

    Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials and fillings, and you’ll want to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Good Housekeeping recently revealed their 10 best mattress toppers, all of which were Tried and Tested by the highly respected Good Housekeeping Institute - and we’re proud to say that not only was one of our mattress toppers in their top ten picks, but it was awarded Best Wool Mattress Topper!

    Each one of our gorgeous wool toppers is individually handcrafted by our expert seamstresses at our Devon workshops. We only ever use certified 100% British wool, encased in 100% natural brushed cotton. They do not contain any bonding agents, glues or synthetic liners and our wool is not cleaned with any bleaches or chemicals. So, from top to toe – you’ll be sleeping on something that’s 100% natural!

    Breathable and temperature regulating, your topper will keep you nice and snug when it’s cold but will also radiate any heat away from your body during the warmer months, helping to keep you cool.  Another great plus point is that our toppers are hypoallergenic too, as wool is resistant to dust mites and the built-up of micro bacteri

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  6. Why we are an award winner for the second year running

    best summer duvet independent newspaper

    We’re understandably proud of our certified 100% British wool duvets because we know how much care and attention goes into the making of each and every one. Firstly, we choose our wool from British farmers, who are known to have some of the best looked-after sheep in the world. 

    We get our carefully selected wool cleaned (known as ‘scouring’), without the use of bleach or chemicals, at British mills. The cleaned wool is then needled, with plenty of ‘loft’, to make it into super soft layers. 

    Our experienced seamstresses, based at our Devon workshops, then handcraft each duvet, encasing layers of wool into beautifully soft, 260 thread count, 100% natural cotton.

    So, it makes all the hard work even more worthwhile when we win a ‘Best Duvet’ award from a national newspaper, not once, but for two years running! The Independent has twice selected our lightweight certified 100% British wool duvet as the cream of the crop, from a shortlist that consisted of nine other duvets with a variety of fillings including hybrid, synthetic, feather & down, linen and silk. They described our duvet as ‘sheer joy to sleep under during the summer months…’ and we’re delighted to say that thousands of our happy customers over the years agree with them!

    Our lightweight 100% British wool duvets contain 300gsm of wool - exactly half the amount of our warmer weight 100% British wool duvets - and are stitched to ensure a lovely drape. They don’t need shaking out because the wool layers are carefully stitched inside their cotton casing, which means you won’t end up with all the filling on one side or at the bottom of the duvet as you do with some kinds of filling.

    There are health benefits too! Wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating so your lightweigh

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  7. A great night's sleep leads to triple celebration for Devon Duvets

    A great night's sleep leads to triple celebration for Devon Duvets

    As a family-run business, we put our heart and soul into developing and crafting our products in our Devon workshops because we want you to have the best possible night’s sleep. We know from thousands of happy customers that making gorgeously comfy bedding is what we’re good at - but it’s so more than that. We also work hard to ensure our products are ethically sourced, sustainable and eco-friendly, with every step of each process carried out to our exacting specifications.

    So, you can imagine how thrilled we are that we’ve achieved recognition and praise from two of the UK’s top publications this year for two of our duvets.

    The Independent reviewed a selection of summer duvets and our lightweight wool duvet was awarded Best Summer Duvet, chosen from amongst a selection of duvets, made from a variety of materials. In case you missed it, here’s the link:

    This was followed up by a review by London’s Evening Standard, where our Botanic Ultralight duvet was awarded ‘Best Top Pick’. Having only launched Botanic, our vegan-friendly, 100% plant-based range, a handful of weeks ago, this award was a great cause for celebration amongst the Devon Duvet team. You can see the review here:


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  8. Best Summer Duvet!!

    Best summer duvet at Devon Duvets 2019

    We are very proud that our Lightweight wool duvet has been chosen by The Independent as their BEST summer duvet for 2019.  BEST SUMMER DUVET

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