Why it is harder to get out of bed on winter mornings

Are you finding it harder to get up and go in the mornings? It’s not just you, we do too!

Those dark winter mornings are the real culprit behind your morning struggles, along with a bit of science…

The sleep hormone, Melatonin, stops being produced when the early morning sun rises. However, in winter, we’re not exposed to sunlight as quickly due to the darker mornings. This means our bodies continue to produce Melatonin for longer, making us feel extra sluggish when our alarm clocks sound. You can purchase a ‘light’ alarm clock (also known as sunrise clocks) to help resolve this, as they slowly emit light prior to your alarm, to ease you into wakefulness.

The reduced amount of sunlight in the winter also has a knock-on effect to your health, as our bodies are receiving less Vitamin D. If we don’t get enough Vitamin D, it can cause us to feel tired and irritable, so it may be worth taking some supplements during the winter months to help combat this.

Colder temperatures are another thing that keeps us from getting out of bed with more gusto in the winter mornings. We all know how difficult it is to leave the warm and snuggly sensation of your duvet, especially if your bedroom is particularly cold. A solution to this is to have your heating on a timer so that it fires up shortly before you wake, ensuring a nice warm temperature for when you get out of bed.

Finding the nights too cold or too hot can lead to less restful sleep, causing you to feel even more tired on top of the seasonal waking worries you already have. That’s why our certified 100% British wool duvets are the perfect choice to keep you snuggly this winter. Their temperature regulating and breathable qualities will work with your body temperature and help you to get a better night’s sleep, making it easier to get out of bed in the morning!

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