A seamstress using a sewing machine to craft natural bedding products.

At Devon Duvets we’ve been individually handcrafting luxurious wool filled soft bedding for over 15 years. We are proud that our duvets, toppers and pillows are natural and sustainable - and all British made, in our own workshops in Devon.

No part of our products is prefabricated overseas or in the UK, nor made on auto-fed roller machines that only require the absolute minimum of hand finishing by the sewing in of a label. Handcrafting our products is what makes them unique and ensures we can always remain committed to the highest quality for our customers, every step of the way from finding the right materials right through to the finished product.

Assurance of quality materials through direct sourcing

When Devon Duvets was only a twinkle in the eye our founders, Dick and Pauline, they wanted to ensure that any product that we made would be crafted with materials that are responsibly sourced as well as being natural and sustainable - better for our customers and our planet. Therefore, we ensure that we carry out extensive research into our raw materials suppliers before we commit to purchasing anything from them. That’s why we only use fully traceable 100% British wool from selected farmers who we know adhere to the highest standards of animal husbandry and can provide us with the high-grade wool we need. In return, through the British Wool traceability scheme, we pay our farmers a higher than market price for their fleeces.

We also make our 260 thread count cotton casings from fabric woven to our specification and using cotton fibres certified by Better Cotton, a global organisation that supports better environmental and socio-economic cotton farming practices. Even our labelling and packaging is sourced direct from local companies that make these items especially for us.

a child sleeping with a globe to represent eco friendly products from Devon Duvets.a child sleeping with a globe to represent eco friendly products from Devon Duvets.

Assurance of eco-friendly products

Our wool is washed (‘scoured’) and needled by British mills, with long held traditions in preparing wool. We do not use any chemicals during the washing process, so the wool fibres are not altered in any way, ensuring they retain as many of their wonderful natural properties as possible. Needling is carried out to our strict specifications to create loft in the wool layers, making them soft and fluffy. Our cotton casing fabric is dyed using eco-friendly dyes, rather than being bleached.

All our packaging is recyclable or reusable and our workshops were specifically built to be more energy efficient. Ethical auditing of our processes, supply chains and how we treat our workforce is part and parcel of who we are and what we do, but we don’t believe on resting on our laurels. Continually investigating even more ways in which we can maximise our credentials as part of our commitment to quality and sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

A close up shot of a hand sewing a wool duvet and using a dewing machine.A close up shot of a hand sewing a wool duvet and using a dewing machine.

Assurance of products crafted with individual skill and expertise

Handcrafting a wool duvet, topper or pillow takes special skill, whether that’s hand cutting the cotton fabric for the casings, hand cutting and layering the wool, and then ensuring the right tensions when stitching the product. We go the extra mile and don’t use ready-made binding but make this ourselves from our cotton fabric to ensure the quality matches that of our casings. It takes an experienced eye and hand to gauge the right kind of drape needed to create a duvet that will envelop you in luxury and cosiness. Only by hand feeding a wool filled topper through a sewing machine whilst stitching can our seamstresses ensure that special springy, cushiony feel…and only by hand stuffing our original wool pillows can we make sure the loose wool is evenly spread and fluffed.

A seamstress using a sewing machine and handcrafting a wool duvet in Devon.A seamstress using a sewing machine and handcrafting a wool duvet in Devon.

We are the first, and currently, only soft bedding maker that has been awarded the coveted membership of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, as testament to the quality and skill involved in making our products. We believe that the care we put into our products is reflected in the comfort you feel when you sleep under or on them and this, combined with their amazing and natural temperature regulating properties, will help to ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you have any questions or would like guidance in choosing the right product for your sleep needs, then please do get in touch with the team.