Luxury bedding with 100% british wool and fully sustainable

Experiencing a great night’s sleep is important for body and soul and what you sleep under or on can have a big impact on that. At Devon Duvets we know all about duvets and that’s why we’ve made sure we know exactly what goes into ours, down to the last stitch! In fact, thanks to years of research and experience, you can say we know our duvets inside and out - and this goes back to the time when our products were just a twinkle in the minds of our founders, Dick and Pauline Beijen.

It all started when they left their busy international careers to live a more sustainable lifestyle in Devon but, being the creative thinkers that they are, it wasn’t long before they wanted to find a way to make beautiful, handcrafted duvets that would not only be sustainable and eco-friendly but would also support British sheep farmers. So, the search began…

The key part of this was knowing the journey of every part of our duvets and making sure we chose to work with farmers, cotton growers and mills that shared our commitment to responsible sourcing. This required a lot of research to find high quality wool, the right mill to wash our wool, the best and most ethically produced cotton fabric and the best seamstresses to work their magic in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor.

Our wool has always come from British farmers, whom we know have the highest standards of animal husbandry. Our wool is also certified by the British Wool organisation and is fully traceable from farm to duvet. We were the first soft bedding company to pioneer the British Wool organisation’s traceability programme, and our farmers receive above market value for their fleeces. We also only ever use wool from live sheep and from Spring and Summer shearings, when the sheep need to lose their heavy winter fleeces.

For the washing of our wool, our research led us to a long-established British mill and as we only select natural white wool, there is no need for bleach to be used. Neither do we use chemicals because we want our wool to retain as many of its wonderful natural properties as possible, but also minimise any impact on the environment. We spent months in discussing how we could get the best ‘loft’ out of our freshly washed wool and came up with a way that created soft, fluffy layers.

The cotton fabric we use to encase our wool is made from BCI cotton. Those initials stand for Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit governance group that supports cotton farmers to use more environmentally friendly, sustainable farming techniques, such as using less water and improving soil health. It also helps on a socio-economic level too, because it encourages better conditions for farm workers in terms of working conditions and in achieving a higher standard of living. The initiative also confronts inequalities so that women workers can be more empowered.

So, we have all the perfect ingredients, and we have also spent many years in ensuring we are able to put these together and craft beautiful duvets. We have worked closely with our expert seamstresses and discovered early on that if we stitch our duvets in a certain way, they have a wonderful drape. Each duvet is individually handcrafted, in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor, with each one checked and signed off by the seamstress who makes it.

We don’t use bonding agents, glues or synthetic linings so that when the time comes for the duvet to be replaced, it won’t sit in landfill for decades but will biodegrade very quickly and release nutrients back into the environment.

We don’t rest on our laurels though. Devon Duvets began with British wool duvets but over the years we have developed our range, putting the same love and attention into our British wool mattress toppers and pillows. It doesn’t stop there because you can also be confident that our Limited Edition British alpaca wool duvets and our 100% plant-based Botanic range are also crafted using responsibly sourced fibres and materials that are natural, sustainable and eco-friendly.

For more information, please do get in touch or call us on 01752 345399 and the team will be happy to help if you have any queries.